Tom Herman, Texas, Bob Stoops discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show - Nick Saban: 'Tua has to play.'


Tom herman we'll be able to take the talent at texas and and that there was never a question once charlie strongest you'll kirch got in develop that they would be talented i think they can they can be better i mean ligonha as the has to follow bob stoops that's horror like that's that's hard you know you're following the guy whereas worst tom has more upside because of that now uh you want to be the guy replacing the guy the replace the guy actually uh ally actually uh some stuff ten ah i buy some stark and jason candle at toledo with like nor bell ffs by away if you're out there purchasing listen because there may be sec schools that may be looking to buy stock and new head coaches after this year's going to be an interesting season no doubt follow him on twitter is great at pete them op we appreciate the time we'll talk to you soon right hey pierre thanks for thinking omitted i appreciate you gotta beat they all yahoos sports listening to nepal signed bomb bombshell podcast former friend sec network turncoat amanda had to change his twitter account to espn booker and said sec booger anthony mcfarland hello anthony while we become anthony because i could you said your friends call you booger and now that you've graduated you got called up to to do abc games i am i gonna be making probably eight to nine million dollars a year i feel like i got a call you buy your government name i don't feel like we're friend i don't i don't feel like i hang in the same circles as you anthony anymore well first of all the april nine million dollars booth really overexaggerated by about eight to nine billion dollars odd number one number two a man uh sometimes you got caller when you crawling in in you kohlwelles you start walking a little earlier uh things are going to be good man things are gonna be well but uh my analysis peter not gonna change i'm still gonna to fame over politics probably the most happy people for me right now for size my family or butch reynolds and kevin summit you'd have to talk about that way you probably still going to be talking about i'm just all know people to talk about him but it just won't be as much.

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