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And shown that little little kids. Toddlers two three four five six year olds have fewer cold and fewer outbreaks of the flow. And if they do get sick, the infection never gets out of control, it's a much milder infection, and it's shorter duration in general, they recover faster and modern symptoms. I'll Tony some when you have a little kid, and they get the fluids, really scary. I shown that college students when you give them probiotics. They have fewer sick days. You're paying all that money for your kid to attend that pricey college, you might as well make sure that they can attend clash and get their work done. And if you give them a probiotic, not only is your digestion better and less likely to get diarrhea and stomach cramps from all that stuff. They're eating and drinking plus de lack asleep that compounds that but de less likely to get the floor or cold. So that quarter of a million dollars? You're paying for them to go to temple university or Rutgers University your harbor to yell is better spent. They shown even medical school students are going to take their national tests shift if you get a license they'll less stressed when you give them a probiotic, and they'll less likely to get a cold or flu infection. I mean, I've been there. I was going for my finals in my third year pharmacy school. What's your killer their killers, they want you to flunk out a pharmacy third year? They really do. They want to weed out all the people that can make. Irs? And I got a flu injection, and I was sick for three days. I had a fever aches and pains when you get a flu injection you. Don't you can't get the flu? But some of us what really powerful immune system can get the symptoms of the flu. So for three days. I had a raging fever. My I had a sore throat. My head was killing me what a headache. Was exhausted. And I had to prepare for my finals. Look only. I basically passed every course without even taking a final. That's how good my grades were. Typically in the form, she finals I needed three.

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