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I. O. T. take a look right now at the operator it looks like it's gonna start raining at any moment but still no rain and on the radar we've got to almost eighty degrees right now in Hialeah gardens and eighty in coral springs it's now eleven oh two with a month to go until the U. S. census starts the sunshine state is preparing governor Ronnie Santa's has a twenty twenty complete count committee set to coordinate with the US census bureau member Leonsis CEO executive director the Florida coalition to end homelessness says they are canvassing the streets to make sure they get a complete and accurate count of the population have outreach teams who are already familiar with the area and also I'm shelters and shelter locations food banks and pantries where food is being provided homeless individuals census data collected determines the number of seats that each state has in the US house and also used to distribute billions in federal funding meanwhile New Hampshire voters are set to go to the polls tomorrow in the nation's first primary most polls show Vermont senator Bernie Sanders as the front runner in the granite state former south bend Indiana mayor Pete bhut edges cruising into the New Hampshire primary with tail winds from last week's Iowa caucuses where he secured the most delegates despite a boggling reporting the results one candidate to watch is Joe Biden the former vice president had a poor showing in Iowa and could use some positive results mark Mayfield NBC news radio and at the Oscars politics were definitely part of the whole awards despite not going with the hose politics is still major player on the Oscars stage on ABC Chris rock and Steve Martin poke fun at the I. with the ball go when they open the program a couple of years ago there was a big disaster here at the office when they accidentally read out the wrong name guarantee that this will not happen this year because the academy a switch to the new Iowa caucus out the first sent you home for his supporting role once upon a time in Hollywood and took a shot at the GOP run sent it to me only have forty five seconds appear which is forty five seconds more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week backstage added to his comment by saying I was really disappointed with this week and that is Michelle Pelino reporting investigation underway after fire breaks out at a formal law office in north Miami beach that facilities now owned by bass a jock off school of north Miami beach who says they've been using it for storage school officials believe that it could have been an electrical fire Wall Street trading still positive Dow up eighty four point two twenty nine thousand one eighty seven nasdaq is ahead by forty points and the S. and P. is up eleven for morning useless in a daily time the big news stories explained not shouted listen to the daily dive each day on the I heart radio app or wherever you get your favorite podcasts I'm Natalie Rodriguez live from South Florida in mind show starts right now radio six to and WYO more on the Oscars not that you could pay me to care I mean you quite literally would not be able to pay me to care about that stuff but that one in particular because it's the one where Hollywood sits there goes your grain tell your grade no really I think you're pretty great hands while I am pretty great so are you and then somewhere along the way they decide that we care about their politics I mean somewhere right next to Taylor swift and her thoughts on on who I should be voting for in her Tennessee values even though she's not actually from Tennessee would be Brad Pitt because there's nothing like somebody who is paid to pretend to be something he's not for a living that really is my go to for the person who will have the depth of information I want to consider when deciding how to vote or in this case the impeachment situation I'm sure nobody has analysis quite like Brad Pitt if that's even your real name but anyway I digress here in reality we have issues that we've got to work through and we got money that must be allocated from the state and we have people that look after a lot of that critical information unlike merry make you the secretary of the agency for healthcare administration who is joining us now merry how are you doing I am doing great Brian thanks so much for having me online you bet now all right so I know that in the conversation about Medicaid and healthcare generally across our state given that you end up presiding over a lot of what happens with all of this in our state you had some information some current concerns as well that you'd like to share with us when you are a star but just kind of give us an overview of what the agency for healthcare administration does absolutely and as you know I was appointed by governor to Santa at the beginning of twenty nineteen to oversee the agency for healthcare administration.

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