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Bloomberg best Bloomberg best is about the insight and the context get from our guests. It's a great way to catch up on some of the stories. You might have missed on the Bloomberg stories, you're not going to find in any other news organization. Bloomberg best. Bloomberg's best stories of the day powered by twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries around the world from the Bloomberg interactive brokers studio, I'm Ed Baxter on this edition of Bloomberg. Best for Wednesday, November fourteenth city you'll Michael corvette on global banking. We tend to operate with fairly large companies US global multinational companies, and I would argue that their balance sheets are in pretty good shape. And then you're gonna discusses the price of oil. It looks like actually market point of view more manageable than it looked a couple of months ago when there was a lot of anxiety. And that's why among other reasons prices zipped up eighty six dollars all this and more coming up in the next hour of Bloomberg best. First. Let's check the markets and some of today's top business stories. I'm Charlie Pellett. Stocks fell for a fifth straight day as investors remained on edge amid ongoing concerns over trade political turmoil and economic growth, and we are just about fifty minutes away from remarks from fed chair. Jay Powell remarks, you will be hearing live here on Bloomberg radio. Randy Federick is vice president of trading and derivatives are Charles Schwab think there's no question that he will continue to be optimistic about the economy saying that rate hikes need to continue. And I think he's also in a tough spot because President Trump has been pressuring him. He has to try very hard to not look like he's being influenced and Jim Bianco is the president and founder of Bianco research. That's part of the problem with the Federal Reserve's communication is that we have to, you know, look at the white and black puffs of smoke that come out of them and trying to terp it it, and it's there it's the way that they do it. I Paul's a little bit more plainspoken, and he's trying to fix that. But they still have a ways to go industry. Data suggests rising interest rates are taking a toll on the housing market. And with more. Here's Bloomberg's Vinny Del Giudice mortgage applications for the third week in a row under Dan by more than eleven percent since the start of the year. The Federal Reserve has been lifting interest rates to guard against inflation will probably keep tightening into the new year the average rate and a thirty year fixed mortgage just top five percents since the beginning of Tober any del Giudice, Bloomberg radio after the bowel Cisco systems gave an in line forecast for the current quarter, signaling confidence in continued corporate spending on computer infrastructure as some P five hundred index down twenty a drop of eight tenths of one percent. Dow Industrial's down two hundred seven points, a drop of eight tenths of one percent. Nasdaq down sixty four a decline of nine tenths of one percent. I'm Charlie Pellett. That's a Bloomberg business flash. Bloomberg. Best with that Baxter continues. Oil continued its losing streak today as prices headed for a bear market for more on the recent drops in oil. Bloomberg Joseph got meldons spoke with IHS market. Vice chairman Daniel Yergin, your initial analysis of what OPEC pluses came to do in terms of taking oil off of this market. And twenty percent you've been caught by surprise about how weak demand appears to be..

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