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And let's see what else he's done a. He does a lot of different things. It looks like he hasn't done a whole lot. I guess it's about a movie a year. Which i don't know how that he's in dune he's playing still gar induna. That'll be fine. He was in Pirates of the caribbean dead mental. No tails captain salazar captain salads. I liked him. yeah he's just. He's he's awesome. I i think he's a great actor and he was a good bond villain. Thanks a lot to be a good bond villain as we've known or as we come to find out because the the the green guy from quantum asala sucked the villains inspector. I mean i love. Christopher watson will talk about spec during his second play he sucks. Is this kind of ill in just not. Yeah so sky fall. Definitely one of the better ones very thrilling. Yeah and i liked the they involved dame judi dench as much as they did in this movie especially because at the time. I didn't really do movie research. I didn't know that this was supposed to be her last wine But i thought it was. It was well done how they you know gave her character and end you know. They brought her in and they. They introduced gareth. Mallory row fines character Well and made him seem like you know. He's got his way of doing things and they're going to be different than the way that an was doing things previously but still made him likable at the same time like that. Shootout scene in the In the courthouse where he grabs the gun at the end when he walks in on q. And tanner and land the fake trail for silva follow. he's like well then hoping. Don't get caught. You know it shows that. He's not afraid he's not so by the book he'll break the rules when he needs to. So i i liked that. It definitely made me appreciate his character a lot more than when when dame judi dench character 'em died and he replaced her. I felt like it. it worked. Well you know introduced him. Made me dislike him than like him. Give him a good character arc to round out to make me happy that he was going to be. Am i feel like he can be a bit of a hard ass though. I'm not gonna lie. I liked the the other m just a just a bit more not a whole lot more but her death was really. What's the word.

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