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Early nineties called us pies creative powers when i think it was in over the past couple years i try and all different kinds of stuff i lived in a vote and i find this slip uh and and the real crimes for 65 so i i taken by some i just i'm on my phone you know uh in the winter time and then i did some research you know uh looking on to the i entered the rv little and all of that you know it was the traveltrailers fifthwheels and all that stuff and i chose in our va just because i i wouldn't half the extra expenses vehicle and so i went with a full word um this is back in the mid to late 90s so the only units available that were uh got like the ford were you know between ten fifteen thousand dollars so i went with the ford v eight engine because the chevy engine at the time with having some difficulties off i'm sure types assumes but but anyway i'm off create right now and uh you know technology is changing so much no you can go to harbour freight and get a hundred wind solar panels kid battery for seventy five bucks or no self metal generally uh you know uh uh you know you have to take him uh uh uh you know you have to have some that makes the mommy locally like i used to of computers or have internet no region cell phones online which is why do right now and i was anyways with a nice thing about being off reasons that you know you don't have any bill smell work is option off you know and i was most expensive thing i'm going off grid is uh because you're well you know so indignant well it will cost at least fifty ground you know and the celtics if maloney above 5000 buffer of course and they have a wire filtration is an issue i do that um you have to make sure that yet where you get a off the test year and you can buy and for five bucks sound life where they will do uh it'll be like gps and they don't do us into the ecu which.

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