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Celebrity cain now we're going to elaborate ballot viewed after the dish you might not believe this but i have never won joe wanna black tony award which in the industry is called a toni braxton today we oscar win burs oscar losers women son she just got bis actress put three billboards prentice mcdermott thank and throw you out there i have two words that are going to change our industry burlap dress kinda lady who goes to a dog part in a point so self sheriff next he won best director for the shabelle water and limousine if i'm pronouncing it correctly do del taco dave gettleman outdoor a movie is about a lady who gets busy with a pitch fish thirty yes i love my most thor's best pitching wayans brothers movie she just want to ask for tanya and i'm sorry but i didn't see it well if you want an oscar i have one piece of advice act with a bird thank you pumpkin if anything you gave me wings they made oscars birds he just won best screenplay forget this is jordan peele congratulates funny my cane is this you are so funny too i loved you kim peele sketch comedy is great but at some point you have to move on you do yeah after a few years you just got to do something more artistic how many years casey who.

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