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There was no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. It could also shed light on why attorney general William bar and debt giddy. Attorney general rod Rosenstein concluded there was insufficient. Evidence to bring charges of obstruction. Capitol hill. Correspondent Wally Hindes reporting. North Korea's claiming that it has test fired a new type tactical guided weapon, this is North Korea's first public weapons tests since the second summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong in February ended with new agreement state media reported that the weapon had a powerful warhead. And then it's development was of weighty significance and increasing the combat power of the North Korean army. New other details were given including if it was a type of missile, but the word tactical implies that it is short range weapon rather than a long range. Ballistic missiles seen as a threat to the United States. BBC's Laura bicker. Vice President Mike Pence will join President Trump at addressing the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association in Indianapolis next week. We'll be the featured speaker at the NRA institute for legislative action leadership for them on April twenty-sixth, Mr. Trump will be the keynote speaker at the forum the same day this. Will be the second consecutive year that the president and vice president speak at the leadership forum. Chris w Cox executive director of the leadership forum says NRA members are excited. The vice President Mike Pence will speak about his long standing support for our right to keep and bear arms. Heath Peters reporting national security adviser, John Bolton has dubbed Cuba, Nicaragua. And venezuela. The quote three stooges of socialism as the White House announced new restrictions and sanctions against the countries. This is townhall dot com. Donald Trump is set to use gold to challenge the Federal Reserve this actual drive, the stock market higher and make gold prices soar. My name's Adam Barada on the co owner of advantage gold, and the author of the national bestselling book gold is a better way for forty seven years. The fed is secretly valued gold at forty two dollars an ounce. Trump is set to reveal their secret and force the fed to properly value to gold on their balance sheet. I lay it all out. My most recent report, how Trump will Trump the fed his executive action will ramp up the world Konami and.

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