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To jerry become jerry because it's not like he was some can't miss superstar prospect jerry did work with his dad in the summer his dad did work as a roofer and part of that was throwing bricks on the top of the roof when jerry and his brother would catch him on the ground the thing that jerry rice was number one said and i would tell you that i'd have to i have to disagree with you jerry rice's the best condition athlete i've ever seen he took train into a whole 'nother level the long hill that he used to run on to help his overall endurance now jerry rice wasn't fast on the clock but he had game speed i never saw anyone catch him he was the number one football player ever at catch and run they didn't talk about yards after catch until jerry rice also mentally tough after separating his shoulder in super bowl against a send yego chargers in miami remember him laying on the table at the pro bowl telling the doctors that he was going to play in the pro and there was nothing on the line the nfl had to remove him from that so as for overall focus as far as not the best athlete but the best condition the number one focused and disciplined athlete that i ever been around jerry rice was number one at that as far as a high achiever who kept rechange in his goals so that he might be having edge to him jerry rice was the best at that now the other players that you would clued into conversation would have to be a dion sanders i believe the best bump and run cover guy jim brown the best running back to ever play the game joe montana the best quarterback him and tom brady and on the outside you mentioned lawrence taylor i'll mention a couple other bruce smith from virginia virginia tech from this area and also my love at friend reggie white so those would be the players that i would include as far as the best football if you wanna have a conversation it would start with those six or seven names it's hard it's hard to make a an overall list of best football players we keep keep doing it anyway jerry rice no matter what would bridge both of those lists and the numbers are one of the one of my favorite stats with c is the touchdowns because the reality is i mentioned earlier when see retired he was second catches but the game has changed so much he's now fifth in catches and will i mean that you're going to drop on that list as time goes on you you've dropped in yards but the touchdowns when you retired your second receiving touchdowns you're now fourth in receiving touchdowns nobody active is too close to you that so touchdowns because even as the game change to scoring state around the same you still score 'bout the.

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