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Welcome to the eric metaxas. Show with your host eric taxes. I think we are. We're having a fun show. Oh this is great. It's friday so why. Honestly when i talked to james tour. That was our one today. I i can't get over that guy. He cracks me up. He's so intense and so brilliant. I think i said this that. I literally wrote these dead because of him and because of stephen collins who we had on a few days ago we'll replay that in the next couple of weeks. You wrote this book right. I wrote is the ism dead. 'cause of james tour because of james tour i before we get. I want to talk to you about. You've been reading the book. And i have some fun stuff We can talk about but before we do that. Let me just remind you folks We need everybody who listens to the program to give anything to the alliance defending freedom. Metaxas talk dot com. You think well that doesn't include me. Actually it does if you can hear my voice and that's a lot of you out there. We need you to do what you can for religious liberty. you understand. Your tax dollars are being used against religious liberty and that's the heart of who we are as a people I've talked about that a lot. It's in the news constantly. People are being attacked forced to do things that violate their principles. We have to fight. If you don't fight you become part of the problem folks. you've gotta do anything something. Go to metaxas talk dot com and give I will also remind you real quick. We are on frank speech every day at three. Pm eastern as a tv program so you can see what our hair is doing that day and which we have chosen. Because i have more than one. This red ones very well. You know what sharing the wig adhesives are. Just driving me crazy. We shouldn't talk about that. All right what are we going to talk about. Is atheism dead. We want everybody to preorder the book. The cheapest you can get it. Forty five percent off at eric metaxas dot com in order to get the word out on this stuff. Okay it goes beyond books. The book needs to be a success. Every time i come out with a book. It's a challenge because folks at places like the new york times. They don't like the cut of my jib and they don't even like that. I have agip and they work against you. They don't wanna put you on their bestseller list. Even if the book has sold well so you have to really overwhelm them. So i'm asking for your help bluntly and saying please preorder the book. It orders many copies as you think you will buy pre please do that by pre ordering because their stuff in this book that's gonna make news is gonna upset a lot of people if you've read it. You see what. I'm talking about and by the way album. Yes you are reading it right now. I am the only time. I have to read it. Basically is on the train back and forth from tarrytown every day to come into work. And so i'm only about halfway through the book right now. That's why it's but it's fun. Because i can savor it okay. So now i just got through some of the old testament archaeology that proves that old testament quote unquote stories are real true stories and those are really fun. We talked about hesitates tunnel yesterday. Which was really in credit. Actually i made you was going to check. Okay check please. i'm outta here. no now we're into the new testament stuff. Yeah and i really like this little section here. I'm right in the middle of it right now. The argument from quirkiness. I have to explain. Yeah because that's technically narrowed archaeology. But i do talk about the new testament manuscript. Yes in other words. They've discovered manuscripts that date back. So close to the actual composition of the new testament. I mean if you if you think about it. It was in the first century That people like paul and mark and luke and they were writing these gospels. Right and of course. Paul was writing his. And i don't know the fifties right years after jesus's ascension so imagine that they have discovered manuscripts that go back almost into that first century. When you look at the historical record if you look at what do we know from socrates plato and aristotle and through cities and what do we know we know nothing compared to i mean the comparison. There is no comparison the new testament documents. So i talk about how we know that these are real from the archaeological finds these things. John rylance thing gives me chills. When i think about it. Don't give that away. You have to buy the book a the door you're talking about. I said while. I'm on the subject of how we know this. I said i need to write about how to historians determine. Is this authentic. And you talked about the argument from quirkiness. In other words there things rewritten in the new testament. That are so odd that if you're a student of literature and you bump into that you go wait a minute. Yeah this is real. This is not something that somebody made up. So what was the thing that you were going to bring up just going to bring up the part of the fish because in the bible. This always struck me. I said i'm going to remember this number. If i remember nothing else about everything i've read in the bible. There'a after jesus was resurrected again he comes on the shore and they're they're fishing. They don't recognize my. I says go back out. Come on you didn't catch anything. Throw it on the other side of both. They come back. They had so many fish but this time they actually counted. The fish came. The number was one hundred fifty. Three fish and that was a detail they. They've been usually talk about details. Way back well. Many things many things that there are a lot of people that they read the bible kind of looking for symbolic meaning. And i'm just here to tell you. Sometimes the number is so that there is no symbolic meaning. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sometimes the number is just a number so if the number was one hundred forty four. You'd say woo that's twelve times twelve it's this biblical number. It's in revelation. What do you do with one hundred fifty three if it was one hundred and fifty say well they rounded up or they rendered it down right when you say one hundred and fifty three and you try to make sense of that. The most common sense interpretation is they were so blown away if you were a fisherman at that time the idea of throwing down your net and coming up with a hundred and fifty three fish with that size net and that's is boat. It was so astonishing that they said we're gonna count. We've got account this because we've never seen this many fish. The number was one fifty three and they were right and back. Then it got into the world records. The guinness book of world records for that. It was one forty nine. That's why that's why that's right. The aramaic world book. But you know. Honestly when i look into this i thought there little things in the scripture that are so bizarre that if you're a student of scripture you can't bat it away so a lot of times. When when atheist christopher hitchens are are trying to poke holes in the bible they avoid these things like the plague because they know. I mean if my wife. And i've been reading through chronicles recently this specify specificity of the names and the numbers and it is so insane that there's not a chance that they made this up. I mean it's boring. It's detailed there's a thousand names there's strange numbers and it is so. It's just obvious that they wanted to record. All this stuff. The way with james tour speaking of mr tour or the professor doctor tour in another interview. You do with him. You talk about chronicles. You talk about all these little tedious. No yeah yeah. Yeah very excited to play that next week by. That's right that's right. Well i mean. I guess the largest thing is that there's a. There's a lot of stuff in this book You know it's mostly about archaeology. But i needed to take a detour. When i was talking about. You know when when archaeology is trying to determine is something authentic or what does it mean. This comes into play and so i do a little detour on this issue of the quirkiness and the number one fifty three to me. That's the most dramatic example. Yeah because you want. Wanna say to a skeptic what do you do with that why did they write one hundred and fifty three. There's no way around it. They knew this is the largest haul of fish. It's so insane. They literally counted the fish. And anybody at that time would have said. Are you kidding. That is a miracle. I mean anyway so funny and we were good. No i was just going to say. There's so many exciting things in the in the book and we've talked earlier about just the kids. There were kids that discovered three of the greatest fines in the end chapter. We talked about san..

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