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Free talk live. You can reach us here at six. Three two three sixty one sixty six three two eight three six one six year and in the studio tonight. You've got ian nobody angie. We've been talking about the united states splitting up talking about independence talking about over the last week at least and of course years but certainly in the last week. Decentralized options for social media and communicating online. There's been big news. Recently that people have been leaving some of the big tech platforms and going to the lesser tech platforms like telegram and signal. Right now signal. Is the number one most downloaded app on the google app store. Ni- telegram is the number two muster. And while i'm told the facebook and twitter combined have lost fifty one billion dollars in market cap. Good clemson probably get more than that from the cia could be but it's a time of change and people out there. They need options. So we we are huge fans of decentralisation here on free talk live announced the other day on the free talk live website. Sent out via an email alert that we're doubling down on decentralisation here on free talk live. We've already had certain things that were self hosted. And you know it's hard to really call a self hosted thing decentralized but when it's federated. I think you can get away with calling it all. Decentralized call that polycentric and poly centric is a big improvement over mono- central Many centers. yeah but at the same time. I'm looking forward to the day when the line between client and server raillard and basically everybody is running. The client has a server on their system. That's gathering up the the content in the background because then it's unstoppable yet stopping everybody. Yeah we're not there yet but you know these things like mastodon are good middle ground or matrix. Mastodon is a twitter clone. that is available free. It's open source so anyone who's got the chops. Computer tech tech wise can install this on a server and and you can have your own social media platforms so we did that this weekend. And launched it a couple of days ago at social the freetalklive dot com. So you can go there and you can sign up. And it's not a big tech platform it's run on our servers so we're the ones who are in charge of it which means we don't really want to be in charge of anything because we're libertarian type. So don't give us a reason to and you know you won't. You won't lose your account right like you're not a problem we want. We want to leave you alone. And if you do there's a thousand other places you can go and one of the nice things about liberty are about john for example i had my My account on a server called liber. Don yep and i was able to move my account from don to the new talk live says good and all of my subscribers. Were unsubscribe from don and resubscribe to my free. Talk live account. I also did that although you don't have to. You don't have to both going if you want it to Yeah i can always reactivate the old account later on if you. I mean maybe you guys will get mad at me sometimes want that. Nobody are fine. I'll go over here. I came from and you can download your data as well from the site too so you can keep your copy of it if need be which is nice very nice so out social dot freetalklive dot com also liberty on dot com a great site to and that's the original. They were the original. They've They've had a lot of success over there. But i figured you know what now we can have to. I think we can have. There's room for to at least maybe more there can be only one. Yeah well initially. I thought okay. This is cool. We don't need to see more than one and there was one was good enough but now with all the attacks on freedom of speech feel like the the more the merrier went. Yeah because it would be very difficult to d platform us. We're not using Aws were using any of the big boy tech services. We do not going to say where it is. But there are backups. Available already for free talk live. So if the host which is outside of the united states if the host does decide to mess with us. We've we're ready to roll. As far as just within a matter of hours we'll be back up and running somewhere else. Nice so we. We have a plan in place for that sort of thing. And is the data regularly being copied over to those back. Oh yeah notice gonna come up hot yeah nice good. Yep so check that out. Social dot freetalklive dot com but that whole decentralizing thing also includes not just your social media but also germany and being able to take this comes back around what we talked about the first hour where the government gang just swoop into your bank account and take it all out to get all the way and then what do you do. Well if you've got crypto currency you just go to your crypto because they can't touch that they don't have access to your bitcoin or dash or bitcoin cash or whatever various minero whatever crypto currency minero. They can't even see how much you have. But speaking of manera there is an alarming development on that front. I got an email off from vitrac. That's my that's my church change. That's my exchange telling me that they were delisting monroe and dash and some other coins and this is alarming because they've d listed a lot of coins load on quote privacy coins nothing coins. They've been crap coin right. Weren't getting trades was. There is no wasn't enough business to justify having them but these are some of the biggest coins out there are like within the top ten of market cap. I under snow. Minero is not in the top ten. It's probably like twelve or thirteen and dash has dropped to like thirty really. Yeah they give you a reason privacy. They're private they're taking down all the privacy points off the system. They did not say that. But that was what i noticed. I didn't even know dash was a privacy cool. Well now. that's an interesting thing. So dash is like the weakest of privacy coins. th they built in bitcoin mixer basically. So there's a dash mixer that people can use and they called it private. Send but the interesting thing was dash actually after bit treks did this. They posted on their twitter account. That oh we're not as we're just as private as bitcoin which is to say we're not private dash isn't a privacy coins and now they're saying they're not a privacy coin whereas before for years they were saying they were privacy. Coin in fact you can still go on their website and it says a private rouge. Now what do you mean. I mean what they're saying is true now because when they said they were a private coit. I don't see them as privacy coin. Even having a mixer built in.

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