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Six thirty five a Spotsylvania county man faces a felony charge for lying about his identity in a case where another man wound up in jail for a crime he didn't commit a Stafford county sheriff's deputy responding to a trespassing report found a man standing near a silver car the freelance star reports the man identified himself as Kevin Newman later that day deputies in Spotsylvania county try to pull over a speeding silver car the driver jumped out and fled investigators think the driver was the same man accused of trespassing a few days later Newman was arrested trouble was Newman was innocent a man who had grown up with new men and even looked like him Khalil lane is accused of posing as Newman the paper says the accused impostors face tattoo helped investigators get to the truth Michelle bash WTOP news state of emergency continues in Maryland in connection with the opioid crisis but with the new year comes some encouraging news there was a slight falling opioid overdose deaths in the state during twenty eighteen that's the first decline Maryland has seen in a decade the number of deaths due to opioid overdose is did nearly five percent in this state fennel continues to account for close to ninety percent of those deaths then all is the most frightening **** back to this entire public health epidemic Steve who leads the state opioid operational command center which is organizing stayed resources in the battle it's going to take several years to turn the tide and bring these numbers down as close to zero as we possibly can this is part of a plan to do that is making sure help is available to all those who are suffering from addiction no matter where they live in the state Mike Morello WTOP news traffic and weather then we talked to CBS is Catherine Herridge about news that missiles probably took down that Ukrainian jet six thirty seven for rising knows every.

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