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Thirty Years, Forty Years discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Is made the leader and in the end he comes down with the shining face nobody can see his face he wears the mask right these all over it because his face so we see this face and everybody sees space died this also some discussion of much of it was Marlowe or or Freud who brought this up the idea that those that were following Moses in the desert we're getting a little upset and and frustrated with the fact that you know they were they were following this guy around any they seem to be going around in circles for years and years and years and they just got fed up and you know maybe they they all conspired to get rid of what they thought was an incompetent leader yeah that is certainly good to steer EDS scourge of thought believes that will use of it do is admirers of the military and he thought well you know you you can this is ludicrous marching around in the desert for forty years ago you discuss the best must be exaggerated if we take all these exaggerated time period then we can expect ten and then we can restore Moses to his property committee and that was his theory so he believes that the couple of them they just got fed up with them and killed them and replaced him so we don't think that that certainly will to was the first person to say that Moses was murdered and we had a and and replaced but I don't don't really agree with his particular theory but what he does bring to the table is this notion of exaggerated time periods because we don't believe in the four hundred and thirty years and and and it's easy to explain why there can't be four hundred and thirty years thirty years between Joseph and years between Moses and and Joseph of Moses is one right what the love I scribes say but that's not possible then it means it's very simple rule well is Joseph uncle and wells daughter is hello this is white so there's no time in between that there's still time between Moses and and right yeah I like that that makes sense to me just very quickly we got about a minute here we'll talk about it now and continue after the break but that the idea that one of the clues that Moses was replaced by an imposter was we have so we seemingly have two different Moses we have the one before it mounting Mount Sinai who seems to be somewhat meek even a stutterer and then we have the one that descends from Mount Sinai who is in a bold and aggressive and even violent yes that's certainly third from Freud's theory and and that is certainly true as it has the story is told and we believe that the first Moses who was a follower of Akhnaton don't forget Akhnaton was a pacifist there was no worse during his time he was a vegetarian he wasn't sacrificing animals and this wasn't going over well with hurt people who are herd animals for a living so there was a lot of memories it's against Moses because he wasn't willing to sacrifice in.

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Thirty Years, Forty Years discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

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