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Tonight. Football in Las Vegas at halftime states and Raiders tied at 17 Drew Brees and interception in the final minute of the second quarter. Raters. Turn that into a field goal. Alvin Kamara, nine carries for 60 yards and a touchdown run Raiders Derek Carr 17 of 23 in the first half of 177 yards passing and TD passes, Alec Ingold. End's a Jones third quarter about to get underway shortly on ABC and ESPN. ESPN is Adam Schefter reporting the NFL finding three head coaches from Sunday. Denver's Fangio, Seattle, Carol and the 40. Niners Palace, Shanahan, each coach find $100,000 for not wearing mass Sunday. In addition league, also finding each of the coach's teams. An additional 250,000 Giants confirming today say Quan Barclay worn a C on the loss against various Sunday he will undergo surgery in the near future, ESPN NFL analyst and Orlovsky with Greenie today explaining how Barclays injury affects the development of quarterback Daniel Junes and just completely play coverage. And they're Daniel Jones and Jackie try to be patient enough with the back of running back and a not good blocking offensive line. So now your quarterback is gonna have to play the reference even with one hand tied behind its back to Stanley Cup Final two periods in the books, Lightning on top, everyone on the Stars Tampa Bay looking to even the series up At a game apiece with a win tonight. Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan announcing tonight they will field a car for the 2021 Cup series season bubble. Wallace will be the first driver for the new race team. Coming up Tuesday. The NFL's filled.

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