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This one is for us and by us there is a guy. Who likes to write some songs? Whose name is rich bags? Are in Seoul. And. We have a song. Listen. But then. We. With. Chris. You either. The lose fifteen if you don't mind me say, you slob, this is what you do for a living mean songs about other people. A big media. Give it for pricing. Well. Is. In fact, it back you're compensated for what you do. Your position is safe. Your Corolla digital. I meant to say further. Much. Anyone can get a for where the real honor being asked at work on being part of it team. That's right. Right. All right. Should we said should people? Check you out on Twitter at rich banks music. They sure can had him one question for you. I won't get this chance again task while I guess I could. But how about this? How about either I restore a Porsche nineteen seventy eight or should nine twenty eight or I buy a Maserati quad reports any for fun to drive around two thousand twelve I believer sixteen. I can't remember he really is saving money..

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