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In one thousand nine hundred ninety four's cry don't cry Selena. They're not cry the town with my ex. The first time was when I cry tears the joy I felt that tears of happiness happened house my homeboy England he was making us like some Sundays and it was me my aches and she was sitting on my lap and I just broke down just because I was happy I I just felt love. I had my best home. He let me my brother and and I have my the woman I wanted to marry and there was nothing that's more one in life in saw cried and in the second semi cry was two and a half years after we broke up you know how you try to rekindle tiny Addison's right so we've been broken in five years whatever almost by two and a half years years after she was once x four months rates I mean she trip so I go to visit her. I want to visit I five times the I want to go visit her. We watched a girl's trip. He's still living in the states yes. She lives in Arizona now. In my first off my gramma Amoah McQueen she pissed me off the people. My grandma had my ex's back my xm greenwich my ex face. I said she she said she talked about doing a job. Interview and I'll say oh like awesome. She's like I got a flat of Arizona and like I watered up and like like you're moving Arizona and she's like no just the job interviews in Arizona. I knew she was lying but you know when you love someone you just like you become stupid right in my grandma. She told my grandma and my grandma kept secret from me. So whoever mafi drive is just no you can trust my gramma Emma for sure and what would you what what was the context. I could push to get you know when you break somebody. Let's meet you and I are together. Being in a you know I'll be the sexy one relationship breaks later your arm yourself if we we met in Vegas and like Brooklyn Vegas. You know maybe harmful so you might leave. Sado wherever so she decided no I feel it I I agree with her and so she moved to Arizona but when I was in Arizona we watched grocery. We had a fantastic evening and we're literally on a ride. Home are never forget this as we were driving her mini Cooper which he would have any cooper's. I love Y'all because it's like it's like like mini Cooper Cole and they go fast to Nerd is adult the great this great anyway. I don't have a mini cooper but we were we were just driving perfectly quiet and then all of a sudden she said I'm sorry and I could cry now blight tears. I've never cried so profusely my entire life and we pulled pulled over on the side of the road. You don't know how long we embrace what the police came first off talking about racism right. Thank God I was in the passenger seat. Thank God she was she was crying too. You know I mean just think about that. Contact to people in the car crying like one point two in the morning or whatever could've been taken totally different but I own a passenger seat and please come up is everything okay and she's like yeah whatever so they will I cry hi like straight up crazy tears. I mean never before have felt that and I m emotional person but I'm sorry that I'm not sorry because I'm not GonNa just for anybody. My Love is deep. You felt what I don't get sick of that. So I cried cried but is that I felt closure CA. I felt that you know I'm I don't care. I was a damn good relationship and I was like when we broke up when I broke up with her. I didn't work for ten ten months like I didn't leave my house except for one day a week to get groceries. I I grew my hair out like my hair was long. I didn't leave my house. I got super skinny any I think people came to visit me that Tim month frame literally I I was a prisoner of like his never said this right when we broke up by legit one hundred percent for ten months was in my apartment and I was financially blessed and so I just pay my bills came out and I just my TV was not on our wake up going to live room. You sit on the couch and just be broke up with her on the phone yeah br I broke up with her. I think that she can we have said this but I think that she wanted me to go out with her. Okay but I'm gonNA take the blame. Would you say I broke up with her. On my own volition. for the reason I spoke of earlier which were we weren't having sex five months on time and there was absolutely zero communication and she said I was perfect perfect and I'm like I'm not privy so she was really good. I'm like well what the Hell is a problem and she couldn't answer so I kind of I gave her ultimate which is a terrible thing to do. Learn that lesson as well L. and so when we broke up I I was at Malley lower. She's the only woman in a decade as my mom decade. I'm that'd be thirty. Two hasn't no one I've known since I was twenty years old and so for whoever relation next Umemoto I take that very seriously my sister and my grandma as well and my father too and and so yeah I didn't I literally was growing up my hair and my hair was nappy. I was like grizzly faced didn't work when I went back to. When I went back to the workforce I after the interview I ran outside and through because I haven't been around people like you personnel downright but I haven't been around people so I was was that I was like isolated from life? I was basically a prisoner Ramon depression. How concerned were the Queen's during this time so I techs right I'm not I don't this is something that I'm working? This is one of my goals in life just to be a better calling. I got my mom a few days ago. I was like mom. I'm in New York the Vegas so she knows where I'm at least but my my family knows I'm not one to the military. I was living overseas for five years. I'm I'm I'M NOT WANNA call you every day unless you're personnel so my queens our Texan but I'll probably probably lied and said I'm good you know prideful stupid stupid things here. One is in mazes me every time here's here's another part of while in started because what did you hear somebody's stories. You can't help love him right. I mean it's just that's. That's a universal statement that I think everybody can take to heart what you know. Somebody's stories you can't I can't help. I love them because you know them. It's makes sense to me more than ever. I liked you because you're the good looking confident dude who was himself on the Bachelorette. I love you now because of the pain in shared suffering that we've had together on this podcast the things you said that I can relate with the things that you said that I can't relate with yet. It could teach me and I think it makes more Cincinnati. Y Bachelor nation is so drawn to you as a human black white male female. This is a human man. You've been through some stuff. That's led you to this point now and the difference you're GonNa make in this world. Is something that I'm so pumped to follow. Be Watch Mike. I want to thank you from the depths of my heart like the best I can say thanks for sharing in yourself and on behalf of the list there thank you as well because I know somebody's GonNa Listen. This'll be like that's me. I want to switch gears here. If that's okay with you talk about your current dating life and then Ashley always does this thing at the end of every podcast on questions which is a rapid fire fun questions she she loved freestyle but before we do I want to sit in this moment for a second Mike. I don't WanNa just overpass it and say thank you yeah man thank you and can I just say that from first impression to a very deep impression I mean I am now very I don't want to offend Peter but like it's upsetting that we don't get to see more of you on the show because we have just gotten to know you so well and like you're so soulful and you're such a romantic and I've just just been captivated by today. The Bachelor is not the less last but like now it's like we all get it if if this was aired and we had the fans listening to this before they decided like they'd be getting very angry emails more than they are right now again. If you're listening you and you just want a friend to hear you out emails set nationally iheartmedia Dot Com hashtag almost famous podcast or just hit up my Johnson on some social media platform say thank you because we know you're listening can't say someone good I learned about self afloat and the power of that 'cause win the relationship. I can't help you with your loving of yourself and so I learned that in previous relationships and so for the listeners if you're having anything in regards to body positively or just loving yourself or just growing your confidence or why does it always smile guy dance why I wanted to do that more often often him Uber Gotcha work for that to you gotTa Buddy. Hey thanks Mike we'll be back with Mike after the break light it up a bit talking about current data relationships and some wild rapid fire questions that I don't think will cause controversy but they will cause laughs break. You guys know I get super site. 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