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Value five ten years it's the you double your money on it and there's a lot of dealers from all over and there's usually a couple guys that I remember Alanis that have a lot of good Ohio state in the bay area that Tony might be interested in yeah I would tell me he's got got a hell of a set up now with all kinds of a he's got some really great Reds and Bengals in and course Bach I see he's got some really good stuff I've given him some stuff and I've got all kinds of different memorabilia type of stuff some of it pretty rare some of it not so rare but yes I I'm in all that's all that for trying pay a visit over there Hey now but I'm gonna let you go here real quick but doubt make sure you can have your listening ears on because you've actually been up here for some of our retro radio in for I think a day of Katie shown a pass in yeah I told Tony the one time a day and you're going to know this too I was eight years old when I got a chance to be there right there in the midst of the whole Dallas you know the the fascination the grassy knoll the whole thing my family to family vacation and I will guarantee you background that in twenty years from now you will you remember it just like it happened yesterday yeah well that yeah that's good inside Stephanie and I look forward to maybe you are calling up and participate yes one thing I'll let the audience know your have a chance to participate because you know we'll have some in between the interviews or maybe even I might take some callers if the the gas you know agreed to talk to some people but so you're you guys all have a chance to be part of the show Hey let me go ahead and say hi real quick here to honkytonk Steve Steve now don't know you pry never listening to shows because you're relatively new guide as far as calling in but have you ever listen to any of our retro radio shows I have not okay abandoned Dallas and the incredible Burt trail of the reformation okay a little bit about that yeah but now I have no doubt the that's coming up this weekend yeah this is this weekend will be doing that on a Friday and Saturday night we should have some really outstanding gas and I hope the big superstar rock star but it's going to be there live in person I'm hoping to be able you're not going to lose well I'm not gonna say hi yeah I was because then I might look like a fool if we don't get him or whatever but I know will have a chance to talk to him because the one guy putting on there's two big conventions out there we're going to be at at tending both of them but the one convention he's already booked in to be one of the key the key speakers there so and he promised we will have access to that to mean that will be interested in doing a live interview may do recorded interview or may say yeah you guys aren't big enough fish for me but all your charmed yeah well you know some stuff before but anyhow but it does the whole bottom line is this is that it should be a fun time in I'm very excited about going there and seeing all the sights first hand of course you know my mind's kind and will different direction than that allows the Warren report that bunch of hog wash they put together but that's not what the show is going to be about my opinion is going to be about the gas out there that's done research for you know over fifty years a lot of instances of the written bestseller books you know I witness is still there's gonna be some of those there so we're gonna out who knows who all we may get lined up for interviews and plus the following week of thanksgiving and I'll be filling in for Steve doing shows on Wednesday night Thursday night then I'll be on board for the Friday Saturday night so we'll have a lot lot of time in the next week or two to do some pretty cool shows but I found out that I'll be sure to let the man so what's what's on your mind and I go ahead well every find out but not not trying all it takes for a longer is just shy there try here no I do what I can slightly but not very much and but again look feel of the president's president Donald J. trump elected president and immediately or if in the air yeah the very next day you would like to show and they're pretty little action and where where you say you don't talk about the ugly damn cats are you the cats whatever the hell they were I mean all my god I mean it was yeah and you're right they started tweeting and they started a planning and course you know now we found out that the head of the FBI they they claim they had insurance policy because they thought their little sweetheart Hillary was a shoe in because they they would listen all those fake polls you know they had the Hillary up for fifteen points ten points and you know it's just could be bunch deplorable vote for trump anyhow blah blah blah so but they had an insurance plan course we found out that was that meal or hoax and now you know we find out that the they were gonna do impeachment no matter what even though it's all with tron and it's fake I called a big con but yeah you're exactly right listen to the contract aka bomber would would but it didn't topic and he sang about short amount of time he was nominated for the Nobel Prize yeah no getting out what a joke Congress really tell you something about what's going on now they're simply buying is nothing like that is what I told you about rand last night thank goodness what impeaching because he loves France and tell the truth he thanked the land you don't like him you don't like it you know like what you say is your liability act alike he'd come in there in your domain and did not want to be and when you size up and try to cut in background he comes right back actually you're not used to that no they're not yeah well I know Steve you you're you're right right down the money Hey I got take a little short break I'm running late but let's go head hit the right now they will come back here AT Hey what's driving from the Kane show.

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