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Super far and really hard for people to jump that so church officials lined up the proper permits and worked with homemade northern California to build the homes Cheryl o'connor is with homemade yes six builders to step up with our trade partners to donate almost ninety five percent of the cost of these such wanted twenty thousand dollars so we built these homes in Livermore starting November fourth and just finished on I'm I'm six weeks six weeks will start to finish the homes have just been moved into first Presbyterians parking lot where they will house six to twelve residents total the people are expecting almost as pay rent which is paid to the church and then the church because the fact to them at the end of eighteen months the home should be available for rent in February in Castro valley Melissa call Ross KCBS city of Palo alto could take a unique stop in its effort to stop teens from Peiping loving fines for using E. cigarettes in public councilman mark Tanaka says he's been talking to students about the idea the suggestion of fund is really actually from device because inside attacks heart with which that lucky you tried banning it but it's really not doing anything because it's it's so looks awesome all right now we have to do is we have to connect it from a kind of a cool thing not a big deal have a thing to or even proxy accepted to something which makes a lot tougher Tanaka says right now there are few consequences for teens who are caught vaping city staff still figuring out how the fine would work Santa Rosa police say that a man was shot several times early this morning after he confronted a burglary suspect trying to break into his apartment investigators say that the shooting victim in his girlfriend were awoken by a sound on their balcony of the second floor apartment at Dayton and west third street they say that the man armed himself and went to investigate and we shot several times on the alchemy the suspect ran away it's not known if he had been shot or if he had accomplices the victim is hospitalized in stable condition national labor relations board has ruled and McDonald's favor in a long running case filed by twenty workers to face retaliation for trying to unionize the NLRB says it favors a settlement that would require franchisees to pay back wages to the workers the workers have been seeking a ruling that would hold the Donald's responsible not just its franchisees but the company insists that doesn't directly employ the workers an administrative law judge with the labor board had projected the settlement last year saying it was unlikely to end the dispute McDonald's appealed to the.

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