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Today we are waiting to find out what the next two years will resemble. It's that simple. The election of you know of of two Democrats in Georgia will will speak to a lot of things that will speak to the president and what he has tried to do these last few days and the danger that that represents on on another hand, I guess you know, for most of us It will allow Joe Biden a chance to pass some legislation to protect Americans on you know with Without a doubt, this is not a Democrat. Deal. It's just not a trump thing. I don't understand. This is a part that I don't understand the part I don't get by the way. We're waiting for Mark Fisher, senior editor of the Washington Post. And so while we wait for him, you're welcome to jump in on this as well. And I guess the real question is what should be if we get both of these U. S senators, these Democrats and then have a 50 50 tie with Kamila Harris giving the break Um, should we talk about expanding the Supreme Court? War. Should we go right after the most important thing, and that's re establishing the affordable care act and health insurance to Americans. I mean, Got the list of things that Trump has done that are obscene or it's too long. But without a doubt, one of them is denying healthcare coverage to people in the middle of a pandemic and lying to them, saying that he had something else while he stripped away the very things they needed. In order to get through this. I mean, it's bad enough. You don't have a job. You don't have health insurance on you Find yourself out on the limb like that. And then to have this guy Trump talk about the socialist and the Communist left. I mean, if you're hungry, and your kids crying, cause you don't have medicine. I I'll go with the socialist. Give me the Socialists, right? Anyway, so that's two today is this election? Of course Certification. Tomorrow is one of those things that should be a honor. And I think we'll be I got to play this for you. This is interesting. This was on Fox News. And they were they had Josh folly on who is one of the first U. S senators to come out and say That he was going to, um That he was going to object and and his objective objection would be, you know, significant, It would change the look of this thing. Although not the actual substance, you know, but they pushed him on it. Are you trying to say that? As of January 20th that President Trump will be president? Depends on what happens on Wednesday. No, it doesn't mean by the Constitution, Congress. Doesn't have the right to overturn the certification. That's Fox News pushing back So to me the certification thing every minute that passes makes that less and less a credible threat toe to know a less credible threat. To Joe Bryant inauguration on January 20th turned me right now is senior editor of The Washington Post. Mark Fisher Mark So the Let's tickle backward. Just talk about the certification real quick. Would you agree with me that everything right now shows that tomorrow is going to just be an embarrassing day for the mainstream Republican party. Well, it's certainly the present a very divided Republican party. It'll be embarrassing for some and imagine others are staking their political careers on it. You have just been extraordinary spectacle of Republicans kind of split, maybe down the middle, maybe more toward following the Constitution. Um and and they're not talking to each other, and they're throwing barbs at each other much as they've been attacking Democrats for the last four years, so it's It's really a bizarre outcome and yet almost inevitable. If you look at the absolute lack of ideology or principles that drives this administration, I've been looking for a metaphor. For what? What's going down tomorrow and what Trump wants to happen. The best thing I can think of his bingo is that somebody? We're picking out the letters and changing the letters. You know, the vice president picks out the letters. He's supposed to pick him out and read. What's there? But he changes it because somebody in the crowd is saying get me a big hit Me and I give me now, whatever and and so in effect, you know, all they're supposed to do tomorrow is certify. And you know, you know you can object, but there's really no the way I read it. There's no real remedy in the cup. This is a law by the It's not even in the Constitution certification right, so there's no remedy for them to undo what the electors did. Um, that's absolutely right. Yeah, I said, Well, you know, I think What we're going to see is a spectacle more than a real legal or constitutional challenge, And that spectacle could go on for upwards of 24 hours. We made watch them go at each other all day and into the night and overnight on, you know, On the one hand, it's deeply embarrassing. It's deeply disconcerting for any Americans. Um, because of Just how what a clown show it is, and it's scary to we have this moment. Hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters gathered in downtown Washington on police have found the number of them was weapons and have arrested a couple of folks, including the head of the proud boys. And so that is going to happen. There's a lot of talk on right wing social media about storming the Capitol building tomorrow. So this is an unsettling moment. But on the other hand, if you turn this whole thing around and look at it from different perspective, this is a spectacular affirmation. Of the genius of the founders of this country because they saw they were trying to protect against someone who might be loyal to the king. But they were trying to protect against a rogue government against a president who goes off the rails against Ah, party that goes off the rails and look at how it's played out. This is the biggest test we've had since the Civil War. Look at how it's played out more than 80 judges, many of them appointed by this president, stuffing his legal arguments at every turn. You're going to have it. The end of that spectacle tomorrow, a large majority in the Senate and a majority of some sort in the House. Saying that we're just gonna follow the constitution..

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