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Now back to straight talk with ross mathews then we'll come back to the program okay lots to get to still rust what we got you got to tell the listeners but the idea it's it's ready ready i don't know rate idea it's sort of a fantasy idea so in a perfect world i have a dream of one thing that we could do one day so imagine the four of us k or rent in rv a motorhome already decided we get in it and we tell all the straight talkers hey we were driving up the coast because while he was thinking we could drive up to my hometown in downtown los angeles all the way up and we could tell everybody like hey we're going to be stopping at this bar on this night this bar that night that bar reser something this park or whatever come hang with us we're just gonna stop camp hang out for calm right hey great we don't want to charge you guy at all but it would just be like a road trip for us to bond we would documented on social media record along the way and meet meet straight talker but it would be like you could follow our journey and then meet up with us at certain points love that right then i'm like okay but who be paying for the rv how about this one bathroom would be staying in the rv or would be camping campsite or a hotel places the rv rv roughing i love it we're all i would do it do it i would do i would think it'd be a lot of gas money are going to be expensive and we can't what do we do to take care of that expense we already like barely make any money to early on trips and fish like hundred a year doing pretty much yes so it's not like we can't start losing money so maybe the fans would say hey let's start like a gofundme me they can afford an rv to meet our asses.

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