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Want that energy. Go that you in your life so And to love yourself to love yourself first and love yourself most because because when we love ourselves we literally cannot do anything but love other people because it goes against you know as you say. This reminded of my tenth grade English teacher who is also my director in theatre and he would preach the same kind of thing and the kids in school school and teachers might have thought. Oh He's teaching us to be ego maniacs no just the opposite. He said he said. Put Your House in order and love what you do love who you are and then you can love others the teacher boy you said it. 'cause I've repaired. I have helped a lot of people repair themselves. French teachers not so consciously involved it is so nice to meet you I'm a big Fan. I am one of those science fiction fans as well as a fan of all the other kinds of the important work. You do. Thank you for doing what you're doing and and as we were setting this up you got a call from some studio and we had to reschedule and I said that's great that means you're in demand right I am. It's been a very busy year. I've got two films Booked for January already and Yeah I'm very blessed very thankful and I work hard to create what I want. We are the benefits of that we in the audience. Thank you so so much you. It's been such a pleasure. Thank you. D Wallace noted actress Public Speaker Self help author and dynamite lady. Thank you so much for appearing on the podcast on Michael Jordan rich has been getting some great ratings and we appreciate anytime you give us a a review that really helps to spread the word and build the Algorithms Algorithms as they say so i WanNa say thank you to you have a terrific twenty twenty. I know we're going to have a lot of fun here on the podcast this year with some amazing people because the art of conversation is is alive and well right here guaranteed. This is Jordan rich until next time be will you can do good.

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Michael Jordan Rich, Algorithms Algorithms, Director discussed on On Mic Podcast

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