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Home for one though the billy crystal gregory hines one i've never seen now in oh well yeah that's the one they remained with paul walker no that's just same titled totally movie this one was like that one a buddy cop movie with billy crystal and gregory hides really that has jimmy smits as the bad guy it has joe pantoliano in one of his key joe i i rate character i guarantee you will like this and has a an essential eighties michael mcdonald song it okay yeah i really great all right it's really i actually i don't understand why they didn't make five running skirts and i know the the three people still listens podcasts right now one of them breath this so so what is your what's your pecking order for moves you'd make i give you bless word first place see you ten episodes of bloodsport in thailand ten episodes of blood sport yeah i'm gonna do the same thing we got a guy who has to go fight anna tournament and roadhouse we can't do because really nobody's left from that movie down swayze killed everybody and then he died in real life i don't know how they did that one he's out you can't do roadhouse but you could probably do i think i think it would be cool to do just one of the guys oh wow right that movie is not age well my daughter was like what's going on with this yeah yeah she can't write for school paper i don't understand you she's a girl skit ricksen paper what you have to read reduce apartment but i feel like right now it'd be a good time to remake that one those crossover movies were nobody in the new high school configure out that it's actually a girl and there's no real reason for the number doing it but they commit to it anyway so i'm gonna spend three months dressed like a boy to prove some point to my newspaper editor it's a little flood what about back to school rodney dangerfield i feel like that would work as tv that one could probably work two although they basically just remade that as the movie with that the melissa mccarthy movie i fell apart so my my daughter came home for that most mccarthy movie and told me the plot and as this is back to school shave no idea what that meant yeah so.

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