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So many people are familiar with you because of your Ted Talk, which as we mentioned, has had eleven million views but for those who aren't familiar with you, you had your own serious brush with death because of an accident in college which resulted in the amputation of one arm below the elbow and both legs below the knees and I'm wondering how that impacted your life and how you are a different person now or how you were a different person in the aftermath of that then before when you were a college kid. Well. Somebody. That's the perfect segue I mean yes. So So that's right this. I was nineteen sophomore in college when this happened electrical burns from screwing around on a train and a semi, just acting invincible like I reference earlier an. Learn the hard way that we're invincible. in that, we're we are very much hurtful and that life is precious again, go away very quickly. So. So in a sense. I had my existential crisis at Ben at age nineteen..

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