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Me the words of Frankie Valli so close and yet so far. Mike is in a New Jersey one point five what's up, Mike? Oh. Play hockey literally a block away from there. Oh, yeah. Blocking away from there. That's why makes me mad, but they played on the roof. Okay. Okay. What are you talking about? What did I just say? Are you are you in another conversation? I just interrupted you always that. No, no, the quick stop. Oh. Larry Clark's got it. Literally a block away. But yet movie they play hockey. I don't know what. Me. Can't leave the store alone. I mean, somebody's gotta be there to sell the beef jerky. See we think things through here this show, go go the extra mile. So so what is your category there? Mike. Mr matthew. Alright. Whom did Bruce befriend in the song? Backstreets was it. Tony windy, Mary or Can you repeat that outside whom did Bruce befriend in the song backstreets? Tony windy. Mary terry. It ends in a y. Dargham you're going to get married. Married. Yeah. He never befriended..

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