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I've ever really like yeah I'm really good and it did have been when I came good I've I must've listened to sixty five consecutive Eleanor Rigby remain yes yeah it's All I Want to do is hear that song over over to my eye I would love to have seen a girl and I think it's like my I know I would I know I would I just haven't had time I've been going to Broadway shows off her syntax singles for a week anyway the the thing I think that they missed and you know maybe it could be pursued some other time but I would have like to seen like you just even a fast scene with like Paul McCartney order you should watch a hallmark card guy who's a plumber yeah you should watch a movie and see what happens good movie really did a good movie I don't really I'm not gonna give anything away because that would piss people off but you should watch the movie it's gonna be alright good also he is increased my appreciation for the Beatles song Worlock because when you when you do have listenable songs is like I've been really is amazing I have been listening to the battles recently a lot I was never because you and I are same generation they were sham down our throats yeah it was not like him right it wasn't our generations of music that was the generation right before us and so every time we have to play and we always heard old the greatest ever like shot up about the Beatles and hated the Beatles were a long time because it was just everywhere you listen to them now and it's like re I got here you're talking about you know they just listen us maybe they'd have a career all right our sponsor is a really factor if you got pain relief.

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