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I am buyer sought by your side. I don't know. I said it like that I am by your side. Are you ready for this poem? Because I'm just gonna read it before we get into anything. So this is the love poem to the LGBTQ community from Jason morass while we really asked to make it to the deliberate like okay, community was like, please Jason like, please dear you. Thank you. You have inspired me, rewired me. You showed me what strength is you demonstrated courage over and over again, you wrist so much for love. You never compromised your expression, even when your rights and freedoms were being compromised. You stood up for me whom you stood up for our world. And now the world is better because of you. We still have a long way to go. But no, I am always by your side, always Jason Maradas. Wow. I mean like, okay, okay. The next poem, if nothing rhymes, or is it just an Nicki Manashe rap lyric when nothing rhymes. Can you. Okay. So anyways, like I'm not gonna lie, put it in the LGBT museum. This is so important like gay history razz through the first brick stone. Rudd's soccer pice himself at stonewall pushed all those trans women out of the way. It said, no, this brick is mind. Your burden is my burden. Now. Okay. So Jason, whereas he also got interviewed by the same icon ick billboard magazine and said, honestly, I didn't realize the poem was going to be so telling, but I tell you what. As checked, it gets better. I've had experiences with men even while I was dating the woman who became my wife, oh, it was like, wow, does that mean? I'm gay and my wife laid it out for me. She calls it to spirit, which is what the native Americans call someone who can love both man and woman. I really liked that. Okay. The. The ways that anyone can read. Sorry. Looking into the. Like the layers of like sexual ritual. Conversations. We wait gets worse. We, but no, I am always by your side always to. Spilt by beyond. Just like, just like too good. It is too good to good the jokes right themselves. You know, maybe it should actually put until let's BT museum. It's actually a really good like we can. Jason Meraz through the first brick stone liberation. What's happening right in front of us. He, he's told all those girls I am by your side and then stood up against the police and and did transmit Sajjan Ian homophobia forever confirmed Jason Mraz invented all. The, why did you have to bring the native Americans? Like in tears? They didn't deserve that bench. I don't. You don't have to do it this way like we can have such a better conversation, but, but you know, here we are again, thank you, Jason, whereas I needed that. Can you just sing to us? Why gay marriage is so important. Sing, why gay? Well, luckily it's already written. Well, his Tae, no more, no more. It cannot wait. I'm yours. I'm stirred like emotionally philosophically, the whole. This whole episode really actually the through me through this poll episode. The roller coaster is not stopped like return to the station, please. God bef-. I mean, listen, we're do even end this. Goodbye. Never we have to plug. Yes, no, eight. But I do have a shout on. I want to do. Oh yes. So unlike Jeff Bezos would have you believe books are free and we have a way of democratising information in this country called the library..

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