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Threw rocks and bottles police say not clear how many arrested but over the weekend rioters injured eight police say and some of the protesters were armed we recovered ten guns that's that's really disconnect and disturbing to me in possession by some of the writers and protesters that we've seen out there and that's what we were covered so there's no telling what we were not able to recover as well deputy chief Johnny Jennings who says the rioters have been violent dozens of businesses and properties have been penalized riders had thrown rocks bricks and bottles of water Molotov cocktails offices have been assaulted by all of those items back people who participated in the writing but it's been worse in other cities in New York storefronts smashed organized groups including this is in the middle of New York City this is from sixtieth street down to fourteenth street on the Upper East Side to the Upper West Side everywhere dozens of stores here all over the place and it H. X. groups traveling like dozens to hundreds and they're not protesters at all and the are monitoring where the police got as reporter Brian lenis at least fifty six hundred people around the country have been arrested since demonstrations broke out protesting the death of George Floyd Democrats in the house do not believe the president when he says the protests over are the work of the left wing group antifa in a letter to FBI director Christopher Wray and acting homeland security secretary Chad wolf Democrats in the homeland security committee asked for documentation to back up the trump administration's claim that far left groups including antifa are responsible for violence at the protest the lawmakers also want information about the possibility far right groups have been involved the panel set a June nineteenth deadline for documents related to the ongoing protests in requested a briefing from FBI and DHS officials no later than June twelfth Rachel Sutherland boxes here in Mecklenburg County the prosecutor Spencer Merriweather who was an African America issued a statement saying the killing of George Floyd is disturbing and that more work needs to be done but he also said the violence that we've seen makes no one more free politics seven states have presidential primaries today former vice president Joe Biden is the presumptive democratic nominee as the rest of the democratic candidates have suspended their campaigns but in some states Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is still on the ballot most of the state's voting today have seen an uptick in absentee ballot requests and several have changed their voting guidelines to include provisions for social distancing in New York Tonya J. powers fox news and while school systems try to figure out how to handle school this fall with corona virus in Georgia they're leaving that up to each school district George is one hundred eighty school districts are all on their own to decide whether they will have in building classes in the next school year the state's constitution calls for local management of school districts and with the exception of an emergency order to close from the governor deciding how to handle schooling while social distancing will be left up to the schools though the Atlanta journal constitution reports many districts are confused by state guidelines which they say don't help them understand what constitutes different levels of corona virus outbreaks Evan brown fox news this hour brought to you by Bojangles it's Bo time at W. B. T. we lead local I'm mark garrison W. B. T. news news talk eleven ten ninety nine three WBT where we leave the local.

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