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Anything. That could compromise them. You're going to record it. And then you're gonNA start in on this blackmail thing. That's a brownstone operation right. Yes yes even back then. You're taking pictures of you entering the hostile with a prostitute for example So yeah I mean any any evidence that they can give were. It's it's the setup to blackmail you. That is a brownstone operation for example. There have been instances of crazy spence. Throwing parties at his house was party was wire. House was wired up with two way mirrors and recording devices and famous people would go to his party's and there would be children provided there by Lawrence King for them to sexual blackmail and even practice ritual satanic abuse at those parties. The same could be said about every. Because that's GonNa that's GonNa throw people and and what what we understand now. Is that kind of what you alluded to before it kind of becomes somewhat of a slippery evil slope in that you know if you caught me doing cocaine with a prostitute and then I'm in your club and you're inviting me to your party. I may not approve of key. People molesting five year old and four year old kids. But I'm at the Party with other people. You know strange bedfellows kind of thing. Who are I may not be into satanic ritual abuse? But I am now at a party where there's other people who are trying to tap into these malevolent forces and we'll talk about that for reason and that's their thing so it's almost like this kind of crazy. Brownstone blackmail thing creates this kind of Cesspool. That doesn't necessarily have to have a full on purpose for joining all these different people together. They kind of congregate by the force of the BROWNSTONE blackmail operation gas. And of course everybody. Who's gone to this? These parties may have not participated in a you know the darkest of things that occur like ritual satanic abuse or or or or child abuse at these parties. Some of it can be compartmentalized. I grew with you on that Now now separate that separate the wheat from the chaff as they say. That can be very difficult. I'm usually have to look at someone's position within the world order. How much power. They have seriously doubt you know. Bill Clinton didn't do anything wrong lead express for example or Donald Trump you know hanging around Epstein to as well going to his house frequently and everything like that and you know controversial wits just because he's an attorney and yeah I mean I mean I agree and I think this is like another important point and the point I would make is burden of proof. At what point does the burden of proof shift to these people need to prove to us that they weren't involved if you were in the Franklin Scandal Party with King and we know that he was trafficking children sexually abusing children doing child pornography? And all these other crazy stuff than the burden of proof. I think she just shifts to you. You're at the party. You should have known or probably knew that these things were going on proved to us that it's not true and in the news. Recently we have Prince Andrew. He cannot prove that so now he looks. He looks really bad because he can't establish we. All accept this idea of burden burden of proof and the burden of proof has now shifted. So I'm sorry. Go ahead no I was GONNA say you're hundred percent right of course with Prince Andrew. He claims to picture that he took with a Virginia Roberts. It was a doctor picture. Would obviously that is her him with you. Know just maxwell standing behind them you know. It's obviously not photoshop picture But that's what he's claiming you know. So he can't just like warranty king enough people ask. Will these if this is true? The wire these cases prosecuted to the extent of all these people in jail. I mean if you believe in a world order type structure or however you WanNa put it. That the government's GONNA protect it's own self interest when the running these operations. That's not going to happen Lawrence. He King did not go to jail for running a massive sexual black bell ring molesting children and that he went to jail for embezzlement of funds from the Frankly Community Credit Union worse yet his CO conspirators in Lincoln Nebraska. And we have to keep backing up and on how this is GonNa work again. People are just going to tune out or they've already heard all this stuff and they think we're not going to cover anything new and we're going to cover something new but the Franklin scandal is kind of well documented but what I was in a point out the real tragedy. I think that people find in this is that when it came to prosecutions. They actually prosecuted the victims. Yes got him convicted for perjury? Which when we look at it through the Lens of now knowing that clearly those people were guilty. Clearly I mean when they first rated king who was set up to run this phoney Baloney Savings and loan and was running. It was running into the ground and was embezzling all this money but they go grab his computer and they find all sorts of child porn on the computer so again. It's physical evidence that this stuff is going on. And he's taking the kids and the kids say they took me to Bohemian Grove. Nanna was sold out and all this stuff but then these kids these kids are actually prosecuted for. Because they're now testifying against some very very powerful people in the Lincoln Nebraska Connected elite and they get the whole thing reversed and get these guys convicted of perjury. Which is just an absurd. You know injustice in other thing I WANNA mention. You keep throwing world order and you've kind of said that a couple of times. I don't want to say that I don't want to go there. Because that's a whole other discussion. I think we if we do get back to the finders caught with streaky Chinese factors. There's many different ways to understand it and one clear way of understanding it. Is that what we talk about? In terms of Brown's stoning and a brownstone operation and and blackmail and that this would be an just an irresistible tool for intelligence organizations to us. They can say well we could send a dozen agents out in the field and we could and get on the inside. Penetrate this group or we could just film this one guy doing these horrible deeds to an eight year old girl and then he'll give us the whole thing. So which should we do a three year undercover operation? That's going to cost all this money in May expose us to all these blowback or do we just do this one little trick over here but in in doing that trick we have to partner with the most evil people in the world who you know groom and traffic little kids for sex and some intelligence guy says yeah but you know really when you look at it from a cost benefit analysis. Maybe we should do that. I mean that's what the finders cultures about or or maybe we should run guns or run drugs. Rencontre and cruncher evolves all three of them gun-running child pornography and running through the Franklin scandal. And in in in drug running gun running so all of that. So all the The I guess. I say we're taking a long time to get to the finders however is important because we have to lay the groundwork at this isn't just one specific instance that this occurred. It's occurred in multiple multiple instances. I know I've seen as you know on everybody's minds now because that's the most recent one. But they're I mean the the the plural affair in the nineteen sixties in in Franklin mcmartin. And and I mean it. It's not just one isolated event and they're using all of this and and my guess is prosecutions never happened early so the greed that they should have even in the daycare scandal is to limit. All safe I mean they're still. They're limiting witch-hunt. They're saying witch-hunts today when it comes to trump and and him being in having not to do anything you'll see the Vanak and it's interesting because you'll have people like Michael Savage who compare the the Russian Russian witch hunted trump to mcmartin and say well mcmartin witch hunt. And so you know very you know this is you know the Russians scandals which hunts. You'll see that a lot of it's still being using fanatic today and still being pushed by people that you should be intelligent. I mean Michael. Savage wrote a book on famous witch hunts in his book for mcmartin. He does not read this. Take the time or anything. He lists as his source a lists verse article on mcmartin. I mean it's it's date. Does they made this by design in my opinion so that they can continue to get on with their brownstone operations because no one thinks twice about sending their children to daycares anymore. Don't twice because if you think about it is just it's just satanic panic. What are you doing? Why are you concerned about sending your kid off and I'm pretty sure abuses are still occurring? We just don't hear about them anymore because reporters are gonNA report it because of what happened with all the daycare scandals in nineteen eighty and nineteen nineties. So so let's take one more stab at gun active fires because we've kind of talked around about it and I kind of set us. Maybe in a different direction. So the finders cults what what is it? Why is it a cult per se? And then what is the connection to what we're talking about these browns stoning operations? It's a coal. Because Marianne petty was the leader of a group of people that would enter an exit out of the finders and when they enter to the fighters they would give up their monetary possessions. They would give up their real estate. Which you would normally see with colts of how the leader would get everything and they put everything into it was caught in visible bank. Where they you know petty would say well. If you left you'd get your stuff. Back well fighters members would later sue. That would leave the call that would not get you know what they put back into the visible bank back on now. I would actually argue a Colt and I've Kinda changed it in the book. I'm writing references as a colt to make it more palatable people but I do actually think it's more should be more classified as the finders operation because it seems like what it is with you know Marian Pettis ties initially to the office of. She's services him being part of the Air Force in later information that we have from the investigator leaves member of being trained in espionage at the Jesuit College. Georgetown University tick us through a timeline. With petty petty joined the Air Force and he was show four to many famous people at the time he showed forward. Harry Truman. Dwight D Eisenhower HAP HAP Arnold who was head of the Air Force One heads Air Force at the time so he chauffeured many many high up elite people around the time of World War Two and afterwards and he was also a owning These apartment buildings in Washington D C that he was renting two officers. She's services members so he's had connections to the government highest levels of government even back then now. He claims a he got the money to start the finders and to buy property in Virginia by winning Poker Games over time. I just saved this money to buy land where the vest Leads MEMO. That was leading. We still don't know who the author of that is has made references to that it was him knowing people within intelligence was how he got that money because he had I level connections. It wasn't he was the by all these hundreds of acres of land. It wasn't from him. Winning Coker gains while he was in the military right. And and that would be consistent with kind of what we're seeing with the latest breaking kind of inside story of the Epstein thing and maybe WanNa talk about that as for most people that even begin to understand Epstein. They weren't even awake to any of it until the phone hanging. And then even just the average citizen goes come on. That's just ridiculous. The suicide thing. It doesn't fit with the kind of next level research that people are doing. Says you really? If you look at it Epstein looks a lot more like a frontman fog. Guy Thing yes yes. One of the telltale signs of that is the stuff is in his name. No one puts their name on stuff when they're doing those kind of deeds and I think the same is true in what you're talking about the whenever we see somebody. I own the land. I only apartments and I'm doing. I'm part of this brownstone operation. Then it's like well you're probably just a front man because no one who's really doing that stuff would be having their name on the line. What do you think about that? And and maybe fill people in on the Epstein thing that I might be leaving now no one hundred percent agree with you according to Epstein. I think he was lower on the rung when it comes to the like Orange King. Thank you know that they were people. Craig Spence was hired Lorenzi King. There were people higher up within these organizations and Lawrence King was the fall man. Jeffrey Epstein was the fall man. So Jeffrey up you'll deal guilty fall in love hours. Oh of course I'm not I'm just I'm not no. I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying those people go down the higher up. People keep their hands clean..

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