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We're going to have we're gonna play red light green light good right now phil bread like i was the city page is best sportstalk host in two thousand and one that's a red light on the doing this for him and we're going to get going okay green light so shauna using a when you i feel because statement let phil no what the problem is with his coffee habits okay so now the way you if the comfy pot and te it alright so really annoyed to because i've to hear people complain about it i think that's now thank you show that we've heard oh filled after hearing shot is that can you to confirm that hirsch feelings are valid and i respond with an i feel statement well because i feel like we should've in turns to worry about the coffee and i don't think i don't think i don't i don't feel sorry i don't feel like this is irrelevant conversation right fell not really rather just be napping you're really what i hear you saying fell is you're a very busy man you have a lot of busy stop you have a lot of stuff to do i believe you can go to there's a website phil mackey dot net you could see like it was a lot all ok i'm not trying to sound self important but this is a huge waste of time right so and i love alum sean a favor people here i love you guys my listen to you guys you know what's that like every six months so here so opportunity for you to listen to us right bradley yeah but what i think we should do fell his ask you for the next i don't know twenty eight days eight days to build a happened to help shauna by making the one part of coffee day for the next twenty two that's that's normal trend signing in turned to cover that for me filling ages saying because i have ten second and any just so yes yes okay i feel like we accomplishing from didn't something that you guys staying thanks for listening like oh yeah slugger lawrie and julia he was on the floor all of that miss me we ran allison and learn on the floor tonight you but right now nets right this week really you everything entertainment lawrie and yulia on my top one of seven one last fall on.

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