President Putin, President Trump, Mike Pompeo discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Has transported. Seven patients to the hospital and we do have some people still missing stone county sheriff Doug Rader who says they have now confirmed eleven deaths. And some of. Them are children the sheriff says the boat flipped over and, a thunderstorm that produced seventy mile an hour winds and then sank to, the bottom of, the lake, there are survivors. We don't know yet how many tornadoes. Roar through central Iowa at least seventeen people heard in three towns east of Des, Moines roofs torn off buildings heavily. Damaged secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Is pushing back. On criticism the President Trump, was weak in his summit. Meeting with Russia's President Putin this week Pompeo telling Fox, News at night, I think those allegations, are absurd This administration has been relentless in its efforts to deter Russia the secretary of, state also said the president understands Russians have interfered in US elections Pompeii was expected testified. For congress next week regarding the president's meeting with Putin meanwhile Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer saying the president should have no further meetings with Putin. Until details of. Their closed-door meeting are made public FOX's Sean Lynch you'll in, Washington but the White House has revealed there are now talks underway for, a second Putin, summit bidding, this one would. Be as early as this fall and. Could be in Washington director of national intelligence Dan Coats learned of a possible second, summit while he was speaking Thursday. To the Aspen security conference okay That's gonna. Be special doctor coats said it would not have been his preference for the president to meet one, on one, with the Russian leader but he says that is the president's sporadic Fox News.

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