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What else weeded white off the car i'm assuming you're speaking of the gardening variety being fight the act of weeding is run asian it could be that or berry something else in spring one of the great events up in boston is marathon running they used to before it became enormously popular they talk about it must be spraying the saps are running but it became hugely popular it's greatly beloved sport so the greatest example of run cation actually occurred in the boston marathon by rosie ruis run cation is an illegal shortcut l legal shortcut run trunk took the subway to kenmore square that was an illegal shortcut and that's what a run cation is an illegal shortcut it is either that the act of weeding or remember the elephants belts from a long time ago that was how we started all this the choice is yours lenore we are disinclined to go for the elephant belch although we like it we think thank you.

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