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I mean, it's yeah, and I like Danny's got like, you know, you kinda got hint that she's got an idea of her own because like bears and talking about how I fought beside the last dragon, blah, blah, blah. And she's says, well, I wish I known him, but all due respect. He, he's not the last dragon right marches off screen pretty I. This is pretty good. Danny. Not a lot of good Danny last last season, but this is a whole whole other page determine. Yeah. So speaking of Danny, we continue here where she goes to the owner of the sullied here and says, she wants to buy all of them including the half trained boys. There's question about whether she can afford it and a lot of insults in the process. Danny offers one of her dragons payment over both Giora and barest in protests. And she also demands sandy, and everybody agrees Danny spells out the the future with with Danny to her new side, kick me sandy. Yeah, it's funny that Giora and the barest. They're both kind of United not position to this like you going to sell a dragon, like one, you know, Ayaan forced people, the kneel with just one of his. He had three of horse to, but does seem like a mistake does seem like a mistake. I like the little touches that they add to this scene, win barest in objects. Danny kind kinda doesn't flinch when Giora objects. She looks at him in a very disappointed way. You know, because he's her her truly trusted adviser, right? He's been with her much longer in through much more with her barest in still the new guy. And your points that out too? Yeah, one of these scenes. Yeah, there's a bunch of him like trying to throw shade and though is that Cerberus Ston come on, come on. Danny's reaction to her. Her truly trusted adviser or newly trusted adviser, I think is really good. Right? But yeah, I like the fact that she's willing to sell her biggest dragon drogue on. That's what the hell. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I guess you need an army though, like you can't like these dragons. Aren't that big. It's like you're mortgaging the future. I mean, we do that right? If you have a credit card that is zero balance or car payment, you're doing the same thing or.

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