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Now that's good. I think i mean in the sense that you're you're getting more distribution in seventy percent of the population is located within five miles of a cvs in efforts to become more of a of a healthcare company. They're they're that stoking traffic and so i'm trying to figure out if that results in meaningful bump in sales it's more just incremental. We'll just have to see there. But i do think the most interesting part of the quarter was the mcdonald's story my initial thought when i saw the cbs news was that it would be incremental. But i think we can agree that if it's not incremental if it's truly meaningful we're going to hear about that on subsequent conference calls. I'd imagine so. I'd imagine it reminded me of that. That headline a while back when we we heard that i think it was walgreens. Said they were going to start selling sushi in. I mean it just. It didn't really line up. I'm not sure. I really am going to walgreen get sushi but you know i mean they gave it. They gave it the old college. Try so to speak. I do think it's the mcdonald's story to me is fascinating because if you re through both companies calls if you read through mcdonald's announced on this on this mic plant platform and then you read through beyond meets earnings call and their reaction to the mcdonalds news. It very two very different reactions. I mean mcdonald's clearly is playing offense here in on the other side of the coin there beyond meat tried to. It's like they couldn't really tell you it was a good thing or a bad thing if they felt a little bit more on the defensive there. It's a little bit less clear from beyond meat perspective. How that may impact the business. I think we're trying to play down the impacts there whereas mcdonald's is like hey listen this was this was built exclusively by us for us in. It sounds like that's where. Mcdonald's is placing its chips. Going forward when it comes to plant based menu. They're not going to be relying on a partner like beyond meat whereas beyond meat is kind of hemming and hiring and say well. We're still going to be a part of the mcdonald's the universe and they couldn't really offer any color as to how it caught me. It sounded like it caught them a little bit off guard. And we'll see how that plays out. I mean that's that's not going to be fatal for the business but it is. It is a sign you know. Maybe other restaurant companies out there decide to try to do their own thing. We'll have to wait and see clearly. You know the food service business matters doesn't matter as much as the retail but it'll certainly be a story To keep an eye on if beyond meat had a rough quarter With d. r. horton's fourth quarter was pretty much everything shareholder could hope for profits came in much higher than expected for the homebuilder. They raised the dividend raise their guidance for twenty twenty one and shares of. Dr horton up. More than four percent. This morning yeah. It's it's been a very nice time to be in the home building. Business of your. Dr horton particularly over the last five years over the last five years generated over five billion dollars in cash from Home building operations growing consolidated revenues by eighty eight.

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