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Nitpicky the frigging bakes. I'm sorry this like really straight. He's not one. I wasn't as bothered the first time through. But we watching it and Kinda knowing it was coming. It definitely got me more this episode. But we haven't touched on my favorite part of this whole episode. Besides the Egyptian build. Which was Terry crews? How excited Christian was about Terry? Crews that is the most expressive has seen him in this show and it was so fun to watch those amazing. Maybe thought he was going to get some workout tips. I don't know I'd totally but it's still like I fit that whole road bro. Attitude there yeah no Aaron Christian really like I know they're kind of generic you white boys but like they were really great casting because they think Christians so far fits outside the molds of kind of what you generally think of when you think of Legos like you don't brose. Yeah absolutely and I think I was thinking. Back can relate to our first podcast. One of the questions was he. Thinking accurately represents a community. I think one of the things that I've decided over. The course of this show is already kind of thought it did but I think even more now it shows the different people from different walks of life can get into the same thing and it can bring people together and I really enjoy that Yeah no completely and I think yeah just showing the different interest levels. I think is really different. Interests from different groups of people is really cool. I think maybe some of the SOMAC- bias but like I okay. So I watched a interview with not an interview but it was a livestream. That boone did on his own Yeah his Youtube Channel. Is Him Tyler Sam and then mark comes in? Oh Yeah I was GonNa Watch that one. Okay Yeah I only watched like ten minutes early but but yeah seeing their setups and stuff you can tell that these guys just have time energy and commitment to like want to like to practice all of these things because I mean they're they're setups are crazy. It's like yours times ten and I think yours is insane so anyway so Tyler Tyler name you win here and we have Aaron and Christian eliminated which makes our final. Three teams tyler. Any Mark Boone and Sam and Jessica and these are the three teams that we have going into the star wars episode. Summary Say you are a big star wars fan so like you said. I'm sure this was a very exciting challenge for you. Yeah definitely resonated with me when they're interviewing booed and he's talking about. I bought the first Lego Star Wars sets back in one thousand nine hundred nine. Because that's totally me and I still have them as well. They're not put together currently but I can see. Actually one of the booklets right now because I've been organizing so so. Yeah I was really interested to see where this episode was going to go and excited to see the enthusiasm of everybody even just coming into the room and seeing you the droid standing there sitting there. I guess destroyed. Standard therapy stands right. I would think R. Two D. Two stands. Kinda has legs if you have legs. He's got yeah he's got the two little legs on the sides and then the back where he kinda rolls around I guess. Bb sits like droid anatomy. I was not well..

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