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To get understanding that and then once the around episode three they can start playing with things in the in the tension builds from there and especially when we go into space and and things of that nature. So we're really takes off after that so it's probably why you enjoy the back half more than you enjoy the first half. Okay absolutely all right. So guess cast. We have cowan gordon as come the commandants. Though later he gets a in the novelization he gets a full name. Charles gordon no relation and he's notable to people like me in zan sprouse who are huge fans of the prisoner the the bbc series the prisoner. Starring patrick mcgowan. He was notable because he played what are the villainous illinois. This number twos it. Actually to episodes he. One of the few number twos that appeared in two different stories he was in the episodes. Abc and the general he was also in the original nineteen sixty seven casino royale and he was also in the original nineteen sixty three the pink panther starting peter sellars. The good one bernard k played. Detective inspector crossland are scottish. Detective inspector from scotland yard. Who sounds like he would have been fitted really well during the steve him. Off era with. Peter capaldi yes. He's notable because he played the character. Carl tiler in william story the dalek invasion of earth. Where we say goodbye to susan. He also played the character. Sally dean in the crusade caldwell in colony in space major dickens in seventh doctor big finish audio night thoughts. He's done a lot. Yeah yes yes. Oh very strong. Dr who veterans definitely wanted to mention him. You may possibly recognized pauline collins. As samantha briggs our last for liverpool because well decades decades decades later she played. Queen victoria in the david tennant era story tooth and claw. I saw that did you. Did you make the connection or did you have to look that up. I had to look it up. And when i saw because i was interested. So what is your reaction. When you found out. I thought that was so cool and According to a competing which we know is never wrong. She was actually be offered to be a companion. That was one of the things you buy trivia. Yeah yeah that she was given the chance but Turn it down so because it seemed like. They gave her a really solid introduction. That's one of the things we can talk about what we talk about her about whether she's one of those all of us companions yet so we like to talk about the donald pickering played blade. Were not you know. The the member of the chameleons that ends up turning on their leader at the end of the story. He's notable because he played the character. Aisin in the keys of meredith for the william hartnell era and then he returned. You did this story. And then he returned a couple of decades later to play bae us in time of the roddy sylvester mccoy's first story. One defendthem played. Jean rock which is like a cool name for a character..

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