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Add to say my allowed to say quad on the geez sirius. Xm the whole thing. But i mean any accident say quad beauty steven cohen. Getting upset with being fine letter bomb. She's you get these people from all. The mets could hire fire guy named chilly. High regard aquatic. Well we do know the name. Jacob degrom he pitches tonight against johan oviedo as the mets do continue. They are eleven. And twelve. Back under five hundred with six five loss last night to the cardinals yankees home for the astros domingo herman zag rank you the starters full game coverage on sports radio sixty six wfan tonight and dodgers pitcher. Dustin may tommy. John surgery today. Too bad no rank. I think about. When he was pitching the diamondbacks he's a dud. And got traded after pitching against the yankees. That's right in the stadium in the state. that's right. Yeah that's right. He's also one of the weirdest personalities and all sports another quirky guy. Yes very corky. Got each morning show with boomer esiason and greg naughty boomer and geo. What's the thing that you're most interested in getting an answer. I want to know when he was really convinced about. Zack wilson now. I quick well you know. He was also in philadelphia when they made the decision to trade up. Go get carson wentz. And i'm wondering what kind of influence that had on him in this case. So if he's listening or gal fans listening over there something. They can preview that question with him so he has an answer. Ready to go. I'm sure you already zones so he can get past all the you know the pleasantries and all that that get down to brass tacks here this roster and doing it the way that he's doing it now that he has total control the organization. It's all on him. The other than zack wilson. Which is debatable. Because we don't know how it's gonna work out and the whole sam darnold decision. I mean there's nothing about this jets draft that was particularly controversial. There wasn't something was like. Why the hell did you pick this guy. Why did you pick that guy really know he did. He did go four offensive players. I and sixty players second he wants. You know there's a perception that with mems be drafted last year and with the way that they've done it this year that they mci becton for that matter that he had to rebuild the offense. And you would say that by adding elijah para tucker elijah moore and michael carter. Along with zack wilson..

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