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So really? Yeah. I went to a division three school university -sconsin Steven's point. And then I actually moved out west fairly recently in two thousand fifteen. I moved to California count on the Sacramento area, and then just this January Nicole and I moved to Phoenix. So we're actually just maybe about ten minutes north of the airport by the Phoenix mountain preserve now. Got some good running back. They're really what part you down here. Is it the running? Yeah, and work a little bit to Nicole's, an attorney and her her job kind of had her come in this way. And then my stuff is running coaching. And then I, she worked for one of my sponsors alter footwear, and I do some of their events and things around the area. So really? Yeah. So what's it like being like, are you professional runner? I guess it depends on how you look at it like a, I think an ultra running. It's a small enough sport where to be like truly professional, you're only objective is to train and race is fairly rare. So I definitely do other things too, but I have a lot of flexibility to make sure I get in the training. I need to get into be ready for races and stuff. So yeah. Is there prize money and ultra running some races? A lot of times what ends up happening is if you do well at certain events or do well, yeah, do l. at certain events, more or less, you'll you'll attract sponsors and stuff like that. And that's what usually pays. There's not a lot of actual big prize money, racism ultra marathon running, although there is some but very small comparative. What you'd see in like other sports. To them what you sort of curiosity, what like. If you were to run just a marathon, how, how competitive could you be in just a marathon, like when you're looking at like top tier league side, getting spanked? Really? Yeah. I'm a meta in Australia boot way before marathons were even something like I had talked about them. My dad was really into marathons, like my dad ran Villanova in the sixties for John gun him jumbo Elliott, who was like a big running coach back then and. Was I wouldn't say, I'm sure this is probably back before back during civil rights but was competitive enough where there was an even a possibility he might go to the Olympics. Really. I don't know what he did. I didn't get how half-mile. Okay. But so I was always in running an oddly enough despite me being fattest, fuck right now I was always into running. I ran track in high school or in the two twenty four forty and my dad was real coachie about it. I knew about far lex before like when I was in eighth grade and so that's like Nicole. She was heavy into an early age. Really? Yeah, she was. What was your mile time in like seventh grade eighth grade. Five forty shit. Eighth grader. She was running at five forty. So yeah, so she, she got a little more serious than I was early on, but yeah. So you were really into it back into it, and then it was always something like I did it and college, but not guy. I not like the extent. You know it was like back then in college, I felt like running two miles was really going along run, you know, like the it sounds crazy. And then when I got out to LA, I started hiking a lot of really enjoyed hiking. I really enjoyed it, but I hadn't. I'd always thought wanna try marathon, and I was in in Sydney, doing the city opera house for a comedy, and that isn't a marathon that week, and I went down and I was like, Thuc yet..

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