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The Blackhawks get their first man a badge opportunity here. Feeling good power play eighth overall the NHL one for four the other night. Alex debrincat team-leading twelfth in that last game cockney dancer what the LA kings have done here early two for two when they're mad advantages. They saw circle to the left of quick copay targets Hayes, the drop of the puck the kings. Get it doughty behind the net. We'll carry it up the right wing side to center ice Senate across Petar over the hawk line. But he got ahead of the puck picked off by Franken at center ice. Tried to fire it across Dustin Brown. Takes the puck away wax it down ice in behind the hawk net. Stop there by Crawford for debrincat Tarik Gustafsen a four game points, nine assists. Let all any defenseman in points for the month of December to break it at center ice to Kane. Kane line to down the left wing back to the left point. Now goes to Gustafsen put the puck over to Kane against the boards near the top of the right circle hill whip it down in behind the king that destroyed Senator around for breaking into escapes along the left boards. He got it back it over to came, right? Faceoff dot closes and shoots shoulder. Save made by quick gained. Got it back right corner. Moves the puck, right point. Back down to Patrick Kane along the right wing boards. Jane holding the puck beside the circle put it out to the right point, Augusta's and walks it through the deep slot moves. Now top of the left circle that bring it back to us the cynical line. He fires that it traffic and tastes. Subtle famous may by quick with the body. Gusta Sunday slot again to Kane top of the right circle. Back to Gusta sent back to one timer quickest down with a butterfly. Jonathan creek is razor sharp here. Tonight. Her today, I should say stopping all ten Blackhawk shots here. Forty two seconds something the hawks first citgo fueling good power play. They trail the kinks factor. Came up justices. Do an extra job drying up. Everybody over the open side. And then feeding down Tatra Cain. Good. Looks good reads there. Here's the dross Rex left. Many Samoa facing off against Jeff Carter who wins the draw to the corner to Matt ROY put it behind the net over the far side of Tyler to fully drives at the link to the ice off the left corner boards hawk zone. Prince Seabrook collects the puck kicks to stick behind the net leaves it there for Duncan Keith passing up the left wing Dominik Kun at center ice with twenty seconds on the power play. Put it in over the king line and whips.

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