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Here with breaking news that could affect what we see on opening day That's right shawty ESPN reports that the New York mets pitcher Jacob de Grom is going to miss the start of the season with shoulder issues he won't be throwing for at least a month That means former national Max Scherzer might be starting opening day in Washington We'll see NBA wizards face former teammates Davis bretons and Spencer Dinwiddie when Dallas drops by the district this evening Dinwiddie is averaging 17 points with four assists with his new team since being dealt at the trading deadline 7 p.m. start on 1500 a.m. Men's college basketball George Washington hires Miami associate head coach Chris caputo as its new head coach He had been with the hurricanes on their staff for the last 11 years Final four weekend has a DMV flavor four players from St. Paul the 6th and she had Tilly Virginia will be in New Orleans coach Glenn Farrell's written a roller coaster of emotions watching his former players over the last few weeks I lost my mind when Jeremy and Trevor had some really big moments for due to over the course of March Madness down the stretch and just so just elation but also yeah there's been a lot of stress and poor sleep so far just a lot of wind stacking up Trevor keels Jeremy roach both played for duke branded slater as it Villanova although he's out with injury Anthony Harris is at North Carolina Men's World Cup soccer Team USA is in Group B with England Iran and the playoff winner of Wales Scotland and Ukraine Dave Preston WTO sports Thank you Dave Now to the top stories we're following for you here on WTO A tornado with 85 mile an hour winds touched down in Tyson's last night at 8 41 No one was hurt two gas stations were damaged Well amid soaring inflation and worries about a looming recession the economy added it's not maybe slightly fewer jobs than expected in March but still a big number 431,000 jobs created as the labor market grows tighter The U.S. is preparing to end its pandemic border rules It could mean a surge in migration starting in late May Democratic leaders are warning President Biden this could hurt the party in the upcoming midterms And the secretary of Ukraine's National Security Council is denying the country was responsible for a reported attack on a Russian fuel depot inside Russia Russia earlier accused Ukraine of attacking that depot in the Russian city of Belgrade Keep it here on WTO for more on those stories in just minutes Up next Ian money news Up a 140 points Why am Maryland company Cares about the fastest growing sport I'm Jeff cable For 18 You know what that means Dave dill dines in the traffic.

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