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And a single individual he has a reckless sense of humor but other than that he is awesome yeah it's a practical joker and sometimes as jokes are you know he's also going to to get that mustache where can always tell if he smiling aries angry you to see sort of trend lightning with applying credited is just not sure some times right this is still the most as yossi okay yeah it's it's it is it's an excellent camouflage promotion to anywhere the point is that that fill set out too because body armor for chicago who such as they have to pay for it after after you are f you get out academy he get your uniform you get your uniform allowed to get your first bulletproof vest did first vest after that they expire every five or seven years to being at how you're using a like if you hang them up at night i can your lacquer or in a closet they expire very quickly because he had a bullet all expire right they ready to take rehearsed parisian takes right there's the they lose their their tense a little bit eighty to stop the bullet and so the so they have to be replaced and the the the cats aren't doing examined the money on that and because he because it it turns out that their anywhere i mean at the very least expensive at five hundred and up to a thousand bucks to replace and so they're like you know the they got kids and catholic school the got big at cars you know the brakes on a car falen and they gotta do with the gotta do so what fill decided to do with memorial foundation a enlisted a bunch of guys and women men who him to help him with this was to go out and out fit all this expiring fasts every year about fifteen hundred two thousand expire for salt get every vast redone to start with the entire police to government and then every year maintain it too replace those those university one hundred two thousand vests and about five hundred bucks a piece what are cost is and we do it yes and sailed added and really don't know how do you identify alleged some officers think no it's fine i'm okay i'm not going to update at wherever.

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