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Brian Ramona, Philadelphia, NBC discussed on KYW 24 Hour News


Suck the amounts in a few minutes ago date back to the open service into that box at six AM when the curfew lifts in the cable to the twenty four hour traffic center I'm Brian Ramona now the forecast here's NBC ten first alert meteorologist Steve saas the overnight partly cloudy not as chilly as recent nights low temperature fifty five in center city near fifty in our suburbs for Tuesday will see an increase in cloud cover in there could be a late day sprinkle or shower but most of the day's rain free with a high temperature of seventy seven degrees the humidity builds tomorrow night and you really feel it on Wednesday it's our first ninety degree heat of the season partly sunny skies with he's heat and humidity some late afternoon and evening stronger severe storms with a high of ninety one Thursday mostly cloudy and hot more thunderstorms in the afternoon with a high temperature of eighty nine degrees I'm a B. C. ten first alert meteorologist Steve soften with your most accurate forecast come on right now it's sixty seven degrees and partly cloudy in center city rest in Philadelphia now special coverage on KYW newsradio this is what we're following on K. Y. W. news radio sponsored by OceanFirst bank commercial lending.

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