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There's one way he tries a hovering shot on the turn when he's on the side of the six-yard box wishes to completely wrong things too. But you could silvestre neum. So i can turn on. His face is nervous. And i'm surprised because i don't expect. Christiano he said christina say again notice and i find a strange. I wonder it's humanizing. We put these superstars on on a pedestal and we assume that they're unflappable and maybe there are some people who don't get nervous. But i actually thought that was a very genuine saying. Yeah you said it was. It was more like this is my home out. Commodity linked on bit sick. It's one of several homes right. But i saw i thought that was wonderful and i think it sends a message which goes beyond sport even to life in any sport is you can be nervous. You can screw up but it matters what you do next so what i like about john. I think the lesson is no matter how nervous we've seen this before. When he's had bad games he's always opt to take responsibility for the next one. And i think he's got perseverance right if he gets knocked down. He doesn't let it affect the museum. Start thinking he wipes it from his mind. Yeah and then he goes and he tries something else. I think that is one of the many ingredients that make him such a special player. I'm with you in terms of the way they played. You said you're not even play very well as just watching on tv. It looked to me this kind of game. Where you're not gonna learn that much from because again newcastle. I think are pretty unique. I understand what you said before about other teams are going to set up very deepen. But i don't think to this level you might get that from burnley. Mchugh get that from spurs actually. Yeah yeah no then had me in fact to me. That having midfield is not a problem in a game like this. No because he's there by himself and i thought actually he had a really really good game. I think the issue might be more when they play against teams that go out and try to attack them i. I'm such a city liverpool. Whatever i could see chelsea sitting deep against them. But i think when you play an arsenal even even when they play noise to wipe the floor with norwich presumably. 'cause they better players but nor at you presume we'll go to move towards with bonilla's there will be to me. That is the question right. Yeah it's not somebody. Somebody tweeted at us if you saw this about. Oh chris johns drifting to the left just like you said you would get thank you thank you. Yeah we we've watched him. He's kinda what he does. Yeah but the problem again is the regardless. If it's against the tim that's really deep or someone who plays a be more and more expensive. You will need to to to work on your play much better than what they do now. This is not good enough. It's not it's not good enough when you've got the first game so of course it's all new and everybody will have to adapt and work on things. But you cannot have a decent cross for christina. Organic this is not possible and we said before. Okay i don't expect one beside to certainly turns into kafue and amazing. You are going to have to do that but looks can can do that. And we've seen many many times and of course it gives the through ball focus on a second goal and that's really good. In terms of crosses he was never really knew position because of the way. We're playing but that's where that's where you have to work on finding a way to put your best crosses of the ball white in a position to group with boards in the box as well which never happened. So it's one of those where i think that they have in a way. Cristiano mic makes. You need to work on things even more technically and in terms of patterns of play than anything that you've done before you knew that bruno could do something special apopka and they can still do that. But when crescendo in the team now your left your left wing. So show and sancho falls input and you're right wing greenwood and we say whoever we'll have to work much harder to to be able to to creates things for crescendo. The not and i was talking to owen hargreaves a half time and we were saying even yoga dollars just with the quality of crossing a house which is higher than one besides could be could be a good option to out at some point. I'm not saying should i. But just for that kind of quality crossing in the box for another. I take your point. Then the question is can they do it can does. Soc are have an look i i. You can't judge them at this point because sanchez only think was the second league start taking hundreds shop. It's gonna take time to find a balance. Needs time on the training pitch and this is. The problem is once the season starts. You don't have that time on the training pitch. That said i think he's also an argument to be made that the old united format before. Christiano there's very little in the way of patterns of play. Yeah and united didn't stink. They weren't particularly good. But you know because you have individual matchwinners whether it's scored another tremendous tremendous goal. Paul or or whatever so you add and other matchwinner who creates out of nothing you get more points as long as you don't crumble and give up things that wasn't going to happen against newcastle. Although there were at least three there was the willa cuando was maximum in one where he kind of got lost conceded three goals or von was fantastic flees home debut as well so we'll see where it goes off the pitch there was Always delicate issue for those followed. The criminal case against cristiano was was dropped was taken forward in in the katherine yoga rape case yet The civil case they filed papers. We're gonna find out if it goes forward. There was a plane that flew over. Old trafford referencing the case This is something that can be. Obviously i think we all we all want is for the truth and justice to be whatever it is. We don't know we haven't seen more of the evidence or whatever and that's a that's the courts job but just from a football perspective. Do we think if the case go forward could this could affect them. This is your You would think so you. Only if the case goes for k. Yeah no definite. I'm just one quick thing on. We mentioned ballpark bar. And s- another to assist. I think in game can we can. Are we clear here. Da the link goal right although the ball comes from polka marcel. I mean come on. Of course the dummy of marcial is what makes that goal right and then determine from finishes well but the board poke bar is not an assist is nothing but it's just the ball in the box you want to take it up with with the companies that collect stats india. And obviously you know. I'm joking with keep his assist and he's very happy by the way we tally. But i'm just saying let's not forget. The for master makes that we have the praise shock since we slammed him just. He's starting was terrible tired. Franz even yeah do you like to shaven-headed marcial look talk about really important things. So my my big dilemma is is it. Because he's losing his hair a because he wants to be more like you know. I'm like like bad marcial. You know like. I mean business here. Don't mess with. Don't i don't know if it suits him. I think he looks looks. Looks boyish even though he's now in his.

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