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From NPR news let's bring in another voice now Steve Phillips founder of democracy in color that's a political organization focused on race and politics it's Steve your thoughts on what we're seeing so far tonight looks like a big night for Joe Biden he's already one in Mississippi big win in Mississippi there a win in Missouri and he will win Michigan yeah I know clearly there's a coalescing that appears to be happening around bieten and the sentiment I can know how many other girls talk about how little infrastructure he actually had which is true except that he has you know for for having been the vice president of Cleveland a deep hunger for to find the vehicle to go against trump in the message has been sent really somebody black borders without Carolina that Biden's to want to go with and so everyone is really pretty much falling in line and that's with the labeling him to get these large margins with such with such enthusiasm or not such scale without very much infrastructure why is that by the way why do you think that black voters in such huge numbers chose Joe Biden a couple of weeks ago in South Carolina and then on super Tuesday and all the southern states that we've seen so far in huge numbers they trust Joe Biden well they trust Brock a bomber in Barack Obama chose Joe Biden and so the power that endorsement cannot be overstated and then on top of that there is a sense of familiarity comfort knowledge that he was a loyal vice president of the first black president the pharmacy that counts for a tremendous amount and so that is I think the fundamental underpinnings of his support and then you have someone like rubber like congressman Clyburn in South Carolina putting good positional and heartfelt endorsement behind that candidacy really brought it back from the dead revived it sent the message everyone got the memo and black folks are voting in great numbers on to propel him to all these women listen to this this is a Marianne Williamson former presidential candidate who spoke to us tonight Joe Biden is going to have to work very very hard he can't just assume that a bunch of young people who feel that something has happened here to once again shut them down can just be accounted on and taken for granted what is the thing that Joe Biden needs to do now if he goes on this path tonight and moves closer to being the nominee yeah I'm absolutely is one of the under appreciated aspects of this is absolutely how poorly he's doing with young voters in Michigan I suppose he's getting like sixteen percent of young people so the vice presidential pick is going to be key people talk about a woman a woman of color but also be used to be a woman of color who appeals to young people and appeals to the vendor sector of those young people got hit all the bases there Steve Phillips founder of democracy in color that's a political organization focused on race and politics thank you ma'am and again here's where we are tonight Mississippi goes for Joe Biden eighty percent providing right now fifteen for Sanders with sixty seven percent of the vote in Missouri for Biden as well Michigan.

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