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This spring waters, the shower moistens. So the heavenly spirit infuses itself. When the saw gazing upon heaven recognizes its author higher than the sun and more sublime than old this earthly power it begins to be that which it believes itself to be. Do you who already the heavenly warfare has designated for the spiritual camp only keep uncorrupted and chastened and religious virtues see that you observe either constant prayer or reading. Speak now with God. Let God now speak with you. Let him instruct in his precepts. Let him dispose you in them. whom. He shall make rich no one will make poor. There can be no want when once the celestial food has filled the breast. Now ceilings enriched with gold and houses decorated with slabs of precious marble will seem of no account when you realize that you are to be cherished more. That you rather are to be adorned. This is of more importance for you where God dwells in a temple in which the Holy Spirit begins to live. Let us embellish this House with the colors of innocence. US illuminated with the light of. Justice. This House will never fall into ruin by the decay of age nor will it to be disfigured by the tarnishing of the color and gold of its walls Whatever has been falsely beautified is destined to perish and what possesses no reality of possession offers no stable confidence to those who possess it. This a binds beauty perpetually vivid in complete on her in everlasting splendor. It can neither be destroyed nor blotted out. It can only be fashioned for the better when the body returns. These things dearest on onto in the meantime are in brief. Parole though what is profitably heard a delights the patients easy. By reason of its goodness the mind strong in the Lord. A sound faith and nothing has so pleasing to your ears as what is pleasing to the Lord. Yet we ought to temper our speech being at once close and likely to speak to each other frequently. And since now is the quiet of a holiday and a time of leisure whatever is left of the day as the Sun sloops toward evening. Let us spend this time in gladness and let not even the hour of repast be void of heavenly grace. Let a temperate repast resound with songs and as you have a retentive memory and a musical voice. Approach this task as is your.

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