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John John writer from the Hitcher that's on my favorite movies record how're played him never saw the other hall was it's a psychological thriller so maybe that might not scare you too much it's more like it screws with your brain that does a Norman Bates from psycho see that that those are scary movies with class right now the words the the girl gets stabbed in the shower in the shower you don't see you're getting stabbed his see the blood going into the drain right and you can't yeah it then it let your imagination do the work that I need to see blood and guts right I thought that was well done by Hitchcock right that's correct that's correct yes what about American werewolf in London yeah is that really a there really are moving I mean it's the number two analyst David Kessler David Naughton played him when he turns into the werewolf that was really scary for adults wasn't there it never been seen it number one exorcist not only that you think that would be yeah it's a jigsaw from saw Tobin bell played him and I gotta tell yeah that's a good choice for the scariest that those are scary would help chase in Voorhees very creepy Friday the thirteenth not scare me warm Massey tech always saw him coming yeah I know but they may twenty four those movies you think that would be a quantity would get them up there yeah but you know a CG I know that Matthew so fake looks like your mom but something I was going do you know doesn't scare you anymore mommy issues yeah that's that's exactly right funny all right very good Cooper Hey when we come back porn hub of female athletes off and we tell you more about that ninety eight million dollar penthouse in New York City plus stick around for your next cast when one thousand Bucks and that's at seven OO five new.

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