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Not have the three seasons at the end of his career arrested he was carried by his defense he was awful the first for you get carried the two super bowls and he was awful in those two two years now here's an interesting one Russ is eighteen was wasn't Ben Roethlisberger's nineteen both are ahead of Kurt Warner hall of Famer Jim Kelly hall of fame Karen moon Fran Tarkenton Len Dawson mostly and norm van Brocklin cels I agree with the one that I don't agree with yeah that's that's weird to have above Kerr Warner chat Warner's a top twelve all time quarterback he should be had Brett farb honestly Brett Farr played more years but Jim Kelly I think it should be see I I got hurt I have Jim Kelly really yeah Kurt Warner did it with two different teams that's true say the greatest show on turf any benefit of that and then they do went to Arizona well I want to be your your internet didn't really work out and then he went to Arizona and all the sudden he was Kurt Warner again and it was ridiculous yeah there there were there were so there is something special about that that's part of one of the reasons that you know I think manning can can we'll continue to consolidate highest right because he did it with two different teams yeah in two different to different places and it's not the system that's that's part of the reason I hold Steve young in such high regard is because he was in that dumpster fire in Tampa and then turned around later Jim Kelly the bills offense the Medicaid guy and at that but how much of that was the system you know how much that Thomas behind you a reminder a town a lot knowing that that's true but he was a B. Doug Flutie came up there and now you're right you're right he was I think I the eye popping numbers but they put up the four straight super bowls mean she's helped you imagine any Terry the patrons of the only ones that could even possibly rival that four straight super bowls they wouldn't lose them right before straight do that's crazy yeah that's crazy to think about I. N. and that didn't happen would happen in our lifetime it it's not like this happened in a completely different era football I was pretty close borderline but for St Cyril's is bananas and and their offense was it's a great defensive players to abridgement but their offense ma'am they were in a tough AFC at the time when that happened yes I like the Broncos were bad football team the raiders were competitive bacteria charge kind of laughing stop Kansas city was a very good football team at the time they had Joe Montana Marcus Allen you know twilight of the courage they're still good Marty Schottenheimer had a defense humming with Neil Smith and Derrick Thomas me either Kurt clearly very subjective than others okay what they're basing it on leaving a Rogers ahead of far less ludicrous yeah I'm I'm this is a pre Mattel to core back to yeah wrong but if Rodgers were that good why haven't the Packers one more you know I had a digital delay at the end of the day that's the question the end of the day for all the tools for everything else you know it in the same thing can be asked about Dan Marino yeah yeah the end of the day what's the problem the supremely talented as they were I couldn't get a simple you could say bad defense will debris sets bed defenses so Mr court like a storage we bad yeah it's like they could have not been loose defenses in the NFL if he does this for a minimum of thirty five points news every day forget about it right yeah so what is going to play the dome and in a and again in the division actually that is also had some besides when Tampa Bay had their run I mean he wasn't even there but but he wasn't there writing yeah because he was he was late in that but but the wind they they've had to be able to play against bad defense is for the most part two but yeah he's he's been he's been spectacular I mean I I have him probably inside top ten either I think it's just the the recency stuff I have to pay attention to because we have spent more time in our lifetime watching drew Brees that I spent watching John there yeah really we watch John Elway was toward the airwaves kinda carried by Terrell Davis in the run game I mean I I have the earliest memories may it may be late eighties at this point you know because I was this I remember some late eighties early nineties yeah way breaking my heart yeah again Steve bono or Stephen burger whatever but you know what the Niners house Superbowl member that yeah I I just it's it's you know I don't remember early early away I just saw the end where he'd lower you know he'd lost a little bit and so it was you know that was when Terrell Davis was right there the defense was gang busters now and all that kind of stuff so it was you didn't get to see we didn't my memory is not as crisp on prime L. way as it is.

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