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Is what this is the look fat look a lot this is this is really truly unbelievable it is he he he obviously is judging the man on his fatness from the get go yeah because why would you challenge him to go let's go run it let's go do push ups personally says I'm not sedentary with the implication like you obviously are because your big fat pay because there's nothing that set him up to say there's nothing there's nothing think about certain Terry you you obviously you watch a lot of television because you're sedentary I'm not sedentary like you are it then he says I know more than most people that he tells them he's more intelligent than he is and then he says in the any challenges in to the push ups and and we were on which is our it out of the blue he start challenging him and saying you know if you would have said you know and look you had strokes yeah I'm not sure you're you're an older gentleman then he could have done like Jack balance and you know wherever we Jack talents came out he did the push up yeah on stage right because he it was a sign that he's still Verrall and young and and even though he's AT and that that you could understand him say Hey well let's deal pushups lets the let's go for a run okay that's totally cool he didn't challenge that not at all he's only his first response is Hey fatty how bout we do push ups at the end he says look fat look if you going for fatty or fat so fat fatty fat fat fatty fat fat fat yeah so you're fat yeah something that had Batman it was a fat man if that was Donald Trump and I only got drums ever been that route to yeah we have to pull you back into the ring you were drifting outside New York you're starting to get out into outer space it at a very cold and dark now I'm flying back like like what's your face did in Star Wars number that Lafayette all those stories and hunter died I know we did that's the worst part she's actually I know just stop it she had a perfect ending anyway going anyway and if it will work trump it would lead every newscast he would be the worst person ever born today at if he you know and any what is when he when he when he imitated the handicapped person that went for it yeah yeah yeah I mean it was horrible I did too New York times as a whole list of the five hundred and ninety eight people trump has insulted and what they've insulted by that yeah you are going to hear them I'll eat my going back to his indoors no it's nothing he's crying he's dumb as a rock railing has lost all credibility he's a relevant using back you sad I was failing crying loss very common failing I zero credibility don't basket case okay viewers and ratings are down wacky real nice job it was to be crying thank you thank you thank you the New York times so is that an excuse for this or that a no no no no been a long is one of my favorite something even trying to squeeze it yeah right it is that a fact are you this is a weird moment from a politician this is not Donald Trump who made his career out of an insulting people and telling their fired right this is this is a this is a who is that supposed to be a politician and gotten it over and over and over again you see this that when ever his son is brought up almost in any context my gosh he is in in the Senate yeah incensed okay okay all right and may I play devil's advocate here okay yeah and I am not excusing what he did I think he's corrupt I think the whole family is corrupt on this and it goes way beyond Ukraine and we have the we have the cable trans for verification of a hundred and sixty million dollars going to hunter Biden on something domestic so what I'm not excusing him here's what here's what I said to the audience last night when we were talking about the impeachment what I'm afraid is Joe Biden's son and I say this with respect and and empathy because I've been in I'm in a family that has depression and has suicide as a as a given in my family that two suicides in my immediate family so I get it hunter Biden is a very unstable individual like terrible very unstable like one of the most unstable people I think I think makes Charlie Sheen looks like he could say do get your act together okay he is bad and it is so as a dad I would be defensive as well you don't leave my son alone because I think Joe Biden is probably in his own head it has probably helped his son do these deals because to get your life together I'll I'll I'll help you look you're gonna you know he's trying to do the right thing I think for his son by doing all the wrong things for his son yeah I I I I have some sympathy with that position because I was thinking about this what we've done a lot on hunter Biden's private life just talking about and going through it's incredible crazy journey think first second if one of your kids was going through that yeah right like forget already just yeah just lost a you just lost a son a brother a wife lost debate you just lost a son I mean it's a crazy this is a guy who found out apparently from media reports that hunter was dating his other sons window that's how we found out about it not from hunter and so this is like this is been a total disaster it's probably consumed his whole life surely in his mind if he ran twenty sixteen he currently be president all of this is revolving around the situations and every time someone brings it up he has the anger of dad devastated father I really think that's part of this I I do too I am very defensive politician or very defensive politician but have both yeah any doesn't react that way about other attack lines it just seems to be a hunter and I would say to like he's because look at you put this up on he's he in his own mind he's being a good dad like I think in the same way Lori Laughlin in her own mind as being a good mom yes Sir she saying like I'm doing whatever I can to get my little girl in the college corrected in the mean and so this is the same thing I think I need to and it's worse because you'll know the troubled your son has had yeah and you're trying to save your son right and so he this is not excuse one percent of his behavior but I think it does explain some of it he he he really he really does seem like it his family life has been such a disaster for so long that this stuff really gets to me they say this about trouble the time like all mention he doesn't make a he doesn't really have ten billion dollars and really get under his skin I think you can try to climb under his skin this is it every piece of this hunter thing gets under his skin every piece of of of this gets under bite and skin to I mean it goes to the core you can see what a debate is going to be like between these two guys on like I mean it's going to be trouble I say hunter sixty five times in the first ten minutes it's gonna be a Muhammad Ali Frazier fine when I mean it this is this is this is going to be a blood sport between those two and more more it looks like it's going to be the two of them how are you but after a moment like that I mean that's like a campaign sinker in a previous election for Republican it would be how the media would be all over him in fact showing this fat shaming right nobody cares about that I will tell you that Joe Biden I am very you know let me take a quick break and then come back and because there's one concern about this impeachment that I have that I think is real and then I've never heard anybody talk about it we'll do that one minute we could do.

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