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To happen because you listen to the show thank you for that you have the context to plug into because you know we've been talking about the major families of governor Poloz which are getting Coloradans killed unnecessarily but unfortunately we have an enormous amount of new evidence today and we'll get that to you right now who's the week he Mesabi I speak for myself but happy to have Dick Wadhams in the house as always and don't want to take advantage of our time with Richard to get his take on some of the political impacts of all of this as well because we all know that can shift day to day and week to week subject I would say and then please add to this that the big headline of the day obviously is the policy administration slipping it out last night that by the way there are a hundred and thirty more cold feet gas on top of the five oh wait we already have which is already you know one of the largest you know certainly west of the Mississippi probably the largest but guess what a hundred and thirty more and it's not that they all happened overnight but these are just tests we don't have in our total yet so and all of the ramifications of that and then other new information last night it is a deeply disturbing as well Richard well yeah Dan I hope we find out more about why the one thirty were hanging out there and not reported yeah we've been talking a lot about about governor poll was and why it has taken more than a month for him to issue the guidelines we've talked about earlier on nursing homes and the fact they have to submit detailed plans by may first and everything and why that would happen I honestly don't think it was malicious on the part of governor Poloz I honestly think that that is something that is really bothered me over the past few years there is such a a focus almost obsession in our state right now Dan with this influx of new young residents that are dominating the that all those hip apartment buildings and an rhino in downtown Denver and that it's just easy to kind of not even think about or even understand there are such things as such people as the elderly who need long term care and I I just think that plant and I am so I think this might be a case of that where it's like well the album out of sight out of mind and I I I think it kind of ties into something else Dan I've thought that for this goes back years I felt this way so many people outside Colorado and frankly a lot of people in Colorado I thank the Colorado consists of Denver and maybe throw in Vail and aspen and then some what's that the the western slope the the the minus the skiers but the the the eastern plains I mean those are just kind of like flyover country in the minds of a lot of people and I think that kind of the same principle might apply here that well we have such a young hip population now in Colorado that what we have nursing homes I think it's a brilliant take because truly I I sit back and once we figure out the what happened which we have now then you try to get to the why and it's mind blowing because any dumbing and pull this is no dummy but any dummy would know that that code is coming and that the first thing you have to do is protect your most vulnerable right that's elemental and who's that it's our corporate people in nursing homes second thing you have to do is try to do what Dr Fauci said keep as much out as you can which is why I felt you immediately said shut down the travel from China in Europe and that's why many many other states you know put quarantines on people coming into their state and and so Polish does neither he he is incredibly incompetent when it comes to protecting our most vulnerable which is why Coloradans in nursing homes are dying from cove it at a rate now two and a half to three times the national average and as I think you've aptly pointed out likely to soon be even worse than that and and the business about not being willing to protect us from more coming in I think goes to his national political ambitions but so when you get to the why your point about his his focuses on say the millennials that you're describing that millennial thing that's wonderful that's beautiful welcome to Colorado glad you're here but he literally has been so much more concerned about protecting the pot shops then he has the elderly and we're seeing the consequences that I now and it's it's disgusting the other thing we learned over not a ten in this press release and I put that in quotes they slipped up as you probably issued a few press releases in your day getting governors and senators elected right hand and I've seen a few in my day and normally when you want people to learn something from a press release you put it under the times are likely to see it you put it in big bold cap right this I'm telling you man I got a magnifying glass out and I can barely read what they released but anyway one of the things we learned from the policy administration press three these last night and unfortunately in my opinion they politicized the department of health to the point and the return of the people department of health but I think the marching orders are clear first you protect your published second public health and the proof of that is they buried they concealed the head this vital public safety data of this explosion of destin nursing homes they hit first long as they could get away with it because they knew to be horrible for Polish politically and it would undermine support for the stay home order because we are second most of the tests are nursing homes you know we protect those people in a different way than a stay at home order that's the ultimate stayed home population yes but what else they slipped out last night was this a death classification of a death a death is classified as probable Kovic if the decedent was a Colorado resident who had blah blah blah so they're not counting dead people in Colorado from cove it if they're out of staters at least in this category so why why would you want to exclude that from the total what is the the obvious reason is because it's completely indefensible for the governor to have not quarantined people coming in here from out of state as so many other governors stick and on top of that check out this this press release last night said you're going to see a decrease in case counts at the county level due to the removal of out of state cases so the removing from our totals people from out of state who came to Colorado with coal thick or came to Colorado when acquired public why would you remove those people the great they're trying to print so they are manipulating the public health data to try to protect your published from his incomprehensible selfish reckless deadly decision not to quarantine people coming in from out of state SO many governors of Donna give me ten more seconds on the stick you look at Colorado he doesn't quarantine the people from out of state the governor of Texas does okay there are one point nine per hundred thousand deaths were eight point four wow so we're they have less than a quarter for gas in Texas Florida and they got big challenges in Florida they quarantine out of staters they have less than half of our corporate tax in Florida well well I mean it's one thing to separate out of state cases from in state fine fine but but on the other hand I think they hit with that they have an obligation to tell us how many out of state cases that work right I mean I mean okay fine take him out to tell us how many there were so we can make our own conclusions on that yeah right like we're talking about we got that tip I think is a week ago ten days ago park county Derek group came in from out of state one of them die off from cold to hot spots met up in park county one of them died and then that the tipster said five others were in the hospital in the channel for data related story nobody else covered the story that needs to be in our statistics yes but but again this is another example of jeopardizing public health because public health depends in part on the lessons we learned you don't in order to protect your call list Hey let's go back to the phones eight five five four zero five eight two five five on the Dan caplets show Alex will start with you in Littleton Colorado welcome to the show Alex I had a I have a question for a deck about nab primary in Colorado I mean thirty congressional death track but I during the trump rally in Colorado springs in February he gave a very big very query in north mansion in Hebron got that the fight that are more involved it managed to land that top of the ballot during the time when a waft wading I wanted to get married and deck take on that thanks Alex good question what is this deck my understanding is that congressman Tipton did not go through the the congressional district assembly he got on the primary ballot by petition and decided not to go through the assembly which basically left that process to Lauren boat bow over to for a deterrent and so he didn't compete very so she basically she got I think I read she got fifty eight percent of the vote the other forty two percent were kind of scattered among some other folks and whatever but so that's my understanding of what happened so there will be a primary still let me ask you do does cove it okay and learned over it's been on the show several times in the victory conversations got tipped and always welcome here and I think nothing but good things about him but what does Cole did really make it that much tougher on on someone like lord well I think it actually Dan is a good question there's been a lot of talk about that lately about who it doesn't it it doesn't help and who doesn't hurt this whole cope effect it probably hurts somebody like a horn blow but because she's challenging an incumbent yeah and congressman Tipton has any incumbent has they have tremendous advantages in terms of of the the press attention they get in terms of the communications with their constituents and so I would say that it probably will hurt Lauren both parts ability to travel the district and the get crowds of people together and so it probably in in that case and print and in other cases around the country incumbents probably get a slight advantage over their challengers and what does it mean and of course I guess it depends on the scenario between now and election days but I think scenario a which is most likely because I think this is going to happen you know whether it should or not but scenario a is going to be that that once we start to open up formally at all then it's going to be a snowball's connect avalanche because it yeah it will end and unless hospitals are dramatically over run with covert cases I think society will March on without any more closures so let's say under that kind of scenario what effect does that have on the gardener Hickenlooper Rayson no disrespecting Andrew but but at this point Hickenlooper expect to be the dem nominee what impact does that have on that racial first sold in European the second looper in many ways is the luckiest guy I've ever seen going back to when he was elected mayor but honestly the scope of situation has really shut poor Romanov out of the out of the race and in many ways and then on top of it you probably saw a federal judge put one other candidate and will probably put two other candidates on the primary election ballot in that democratic primary which will further dilute the non Hickenlooper Wecht I mean but but I mean long term but I think you're going to have to very well financed very well known candidates it's gonna be a close election it probably doesn't impact Gardner Hickenlooper's much because they're in both cases she's she's not very well known hit Hickenlooper and Gardner both probably have what ninety eight percent name ID everybody knows some and I would suggest as we go to Bob and four counts of the daycare for Sean would suggest cystic and that is that and Korea I know to be true S. tremendous human and and he would much rather everybody be healthy but I think that this covert crisis has boosted his stock I agree with you there because he's out and all these things that you've said has been front and center he's active he's been a ball ball effective where is Hickenlooper's band aid you know least Joe Biden's in the base yeah somewhere where the heck's Hickenlooper so I think this is really boosted Corey stock in a bipartisan way well remember Hickenlooper's probably in.

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