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Well, we had two free ones that you lose under the three minute Mark, and we just came across and just decided to give those guys arrest. And we had we had back to back ones there that we would have lost under the three minute, Mark, and just thought we could use the extra energy push. Okay. You may lose those timeouts but does Golden State, keep those timeouts and if they call time out your guys will get a breather. My point was, you're on a roll. You got him on the ropes and I'm not worried about your guys needing a breather. If if your guys are tired. They're tired, and you guys are on a roll I put my foot down on the accelerator. And that's why I went well, okay. Because Golden State responded. They, they regrouped and they came back. And that was the difference there that stretch, but that those final sequences when you got Steph with the three and clay with the three specially the ball movement on clay to I can't say enough about how beautiful that was. That's where inside outside move to the other side, and you do it without any dribbles whatsoever. And even though quite came out to contest and Klay hit Klay practices that shot I was watching him previous game during warmups. I know I don't have a life, but I was wondering what clay does during warm? So we always see Steph clay will practice that pump fake. A lot because any did it he gave like he was gonna shoot clay? You know, quite came after him took step over bone hit Steph and clay practice what they do in the game as well as anybody I've ever seen a lot of players when they're practicing, when they're in warm. They're just shooting. There's no game like situation. But you watch those two it's this is where I get the ball what happens if somebody's on me if I take one dribble, if I do a pump Vic Steph is famous for shooting shots off balance, left hand, you know game like situations and you saw that last night in a microcosm Steph hit a big shot. And clay, thanks to ball movement with Golden State had the wide open jumper. Yup. Steph does little things. There is a plan the first African pulled on a three and he left his shooting arm out there and he made it kind of rigid. And as Fred vanfleet flew by he caught his arm. And vanfleet really didn't follow him, but he caught his arm and caused them to be spun and Steph did it on purpose? He totally baited him and left his arm out there and got spun around. There was no foul but he induced a foul. It's genius. Oliver in Los Angeles before we take a break Oliver, welcome to the program. Hey Dan, been listening for a year now with my new commute. Love your guy showed love, Dan. Love the danettes six foot one eighty. So a lot last night was just an epic choke by the Toronto Raptors. And then I agree, totally with you, the excellence of clay and stuff just went to work and just put the dagger in them. I mean, I cannot see the raptors coming back from not boss. If you if you saw the fans, I mean, it was they just took the heart out of that team in the city. I mean, Klay and Steph, and now they're playing for K D. I mean it's going to be tougher now the raptors to come back from that. All right. Well, thank you, Oliver and glad you joined the program there. Yeah. I wonder about this is it goes back to Golden State. I think we're under the impression that Golden State wins this game. And then it goes back to Toronto for game seven yes, mclovin. I said, the same thing when the Sixers jumped all over the raptors a couple of times. And, and when the bucks, I'll tell you the raptors have they got blown out in game six against the Sixers. I'm like, well, that's it. You know, the Sixers are gonna roll from here, and then they recovered. That's why I'm a little nervous. If I'm wars know. You're, you're down three games to two and you're without Kevin Durant. You're heading back home feels like if you had trouble predicting, which raptors team is going to come out nightly basis throughout the whole, Posey's. Yeah. Yeah..

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