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Cuba which bad man this wanted to put an allout fist one case in by was wonder well what i have next is thomas davis you guys saw the hit thomas davis on his block on dante atoms wide receiver for the green bay packers thomas davis linebacker for the carolina panthers he threw him a block blindside blocked anybody's via yes he got suspended for two games while or more than i thought he would more likely appeals it gets down one in about your reply cut they're the ones i think they need to minute starting to crack down on these differences should they ever targeting rule in the nfl now are we to that point uh i think the cracking more down defenceless hidden then lead mature helmet i burks hit when he got hit by juju that wasn't he legal it was this piece defenceless so they got to protect the defense of guys stray alqaeda but audit cracked back blindside mim is no place for that man let's have often guys got the defensive guys back back in the day back in the day now is the we get nobody back i mean you know you you you got to play the game safe get have those hit soon cottage we like reggie mckenzie and just fled here that image come right down the middle correct adam battle he landed here you flat hear them any tom brady same fled haiti say come right down the middle you come right down the middle that do and fled hear them satellite targeting the me you know that's my kind of thing i was a target or jane you had at me hey but back in the day they didn't call it that really good the rest a legion of boom of the legion of the target dues tommy dethrone hindriks data you saw with tells me the proof now light in his lights major made me the hardest hit or to.

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